KA Statement About the Rotax EVO Series

  1 December 2014

Karting Australia today issued the statement below regarding the new EVO-spec Rotax engine announcement (click HERE to read about that). It should be noted that IKD stipulated in their communication with media that the introduction of the new-spec parts to Pro Tour was, in fact, subject to Karting Australia approval.



Karting Australia is surprised and disappointed at the manner in which Rotax and their Australian distributor International Karting Distributors (IKD) have announced wide ranging technical changes to the Rotax series of engines without any consultation with the controlling body of the sport in Australia.

There are significant homologation and implementation issues involved with many of the changes that have been announced in Spain last Friday with what would seem to be very short introduction times for many components.

“As soon as Karting Australia became aware of the proposed changes I spoke to Ian Black from IKD and communicated Karting Australia’s displeasure at the announcement of Rotax’s plans and their proposed introductory processes,” said Karting Australia CEO Kelvin O’Reilly.

“It is not totally clear but it would seem that there are five new 125 Rotax Max EVO engines that now require homologation along with numerous evolution components.

“That would appear to be an enormous amount of work to be done in a very short space of time.
“The Board will need to consider the implications for Competitors in the Pro Tour Series as well as those competitors who use Rotax engines in TaG 125 and Restricted 125 Classes.

“Obviously I would imagine that competitors using other brands of engines in both TaG Classes will be wanting us to consider parity issues that may arise with the introduction of the new 125 MAX EVO Series engines.

“Karting Australia understands that Australia is only a small market segment for Rotax on a global basis and that as such these changes and developments will ultimately and eventually flow through to Australian competition. We understand that you cannot hold back the tide but you can ensure that sensible and achievable implementation procedures should be put in place.

“I would expect that IKD and Karting Australia will be meeting as soon as practical after IKD Staff arrive back from the Rotax World Finals in Spain.”


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