JECKO Racing Seats Now In Australia

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JECKO Racing Seats are now available in Australia.

Zanardi Corse Australia is stocking a range of the Italian product characterised by its unique shape and colourful outer rim.

Dubbed by Jecko as "an avant-garde product in the kart world" the seats use a patented ‘closedge’ technology developed by Jecko.

The ‘closedge’ technology concentrates on the closure of the seat’s edge that generates a structure that enhances the look of the kart, whilst using a suitable material to deaden vibrations, optimising the comfort and the safety of the driver.

Jecko Racing Seats come in a range of Mini, Junior, Senior and Over sizes, in two material construcitons:

  • SILVER (Fibreglass)
  • X-LIGHT (Carbon)

Above: A Silver (green edge) and X-Light (blue edge) seat (pic - Jecko)



The Silver seat is made with aluminised glass-fibre fabric and is characterised by a silver colour. The seat
comes with 4 different coloured edges: red, blue, green or grey, making the product unique for its quality and

Available through Zanardi Corse Australia, RRP is $389.

Above: Seat dimensions & specifications for SILVER (click/tap for larger version)


The X-Light seat is made in carbon-fibre and is characterised by its ultra-lightness. Additionally, the X-Light is manufactured with different coloured edges: red, blue, green and grey, which enhance the aesthetic.

The X-Light range is available through Zanardi Corse Australia by request.

Above: Seat dimensions & specifications for X-LIGHT (click/tap for larger version)


Zanardi Corse Australia:

David Brewer - 0434 399 900

  • Email:
  • Facebook page is HERE




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