New Carby for KA100 Classes!

  19 August 2016

Karting Australia has today announced a new carburettor will shortly be eligible for use in the KA100 classes.

The governing body says the new carb (Tillotson HW-33A) will offer better and more equal performance than the one that came with the engine from new (Tillotson HL-398A) and is easier to tune, particularly when the motor is running in restricted (KA4) format.

The new carb is bigger with a 24.1mm (max) venturi, compared with 22.9mm for the HL-398A.

A carby exchange program with Remo Racing is about to commence. See the details below.

The Tillostson HW-33A must have KA100 identification to be used in KA3 or KA4
Above: The Tillostson HW-33A must have KA100 identification to be used in KA3 or KA4. It also has "IAME" on the rear face of the main body where it bolts to the engine
pic - KA's homologation document


press release

Tillotson Racing is delighted to offer IAME KA100 customers the latest HW-33A carburettor that has now been homologated for use by Karting Australia competitors.

The HW series carburettor produced by Tillotson has become the most prominent over rival brands in top-level CIK FIA events in recent years winning many KF and KFJ Championships. The base design of the HW-33A model designated for the KA100 engine is the extremely successful 24mm venturi KF and OK carburettor.

IAME KA100 fitted with the Tillotson HW-33A carburettor
Above: IAME KA100 fitted with the Tillotson HW-33A carburettor
pic - KA

It was decided to upgrade the carburettor to this latest design to improve the quality of the KA100 engine and improve the parity of the overall package. The performance is improved in both un-restricted and restricted versions whilst more importantly it is very user friendly. The setting of the carburettor is not as sensitive as the original HL-398A, particularly in the restricted specification, assisting with engine consistency.

The HW-33A carburettor is a part of the new KA100 engine packages currently being assessed for introduction in Japan and the USA.

Extensive testing was carried out by the Tillotson factory engineers in Ireland to determine the optimum design and ensure a more user friendly model to the original. This testing was confirmed by IAME in Italy and also in Australia through additional track and dyno testing to ensure the product has been tested in every condition.

All owners of an IAME KA100 engine will be eligible to upgrade to the HW-33A carburettor at the discounted price of $137.00 through an exchange program with Remo Racing until September 1, 2017. (See Exchange Program Details below.)

The HW-33A carburettor will be eligible for all Karting Australia events as from 1 September 2016, EXCEPT for the remaining rounds of the Australian Kart Championship and State Championships. Distribution of the HW-33A will commence on 29 August.

It is important to note that the original HL398A carburettor also remains eligible for use in all Karting Australia competition.

To view the updated homologation document for the IAME KA100 engine please click here.

Price: $137.00 (inc. GST) plus postage and handling where applicable
Period: August 29, 2016 – September 1, 2017

  • Applies to one HW-33A carburettor per KA100 engine (as determined by the KA100 engine number).
  • The original complete Tillotson HL398A carburettor (including the airbox adaptor) supplied with the KA100 engine must be returned to Remo Racing Pty Ltd to be eligible for the exchange pricing.If the owner wishes to also retain the carburettor originally supplied with the KA100 engine (the HL398A) they will be able to do so at an additional cost of $50.00.
  • The returned carburettor will become the property of Remo Racing Pty Ltd.

pic - KA's homologation document



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