Poll: Drop-down Bumpers For Australia?

  17 June 2016

The CIK-FIA’s “drop down” front bumper system (actually, it's now a 'push back' system) has been used in European CIK-FIA and WSK competition for a couple of seasons now. RGMMC have also now adopting the devices for the Rotax MAX Euro Challenge rounds.

Reports from overseas say the racing has cleaned up with less punting, and that’s a good thing. But there has also been a lot of noise about drivers involved as an innocent party in a collision being handed post-race time penalties due to the front bumper being dislodged.

So, in your opinion, is this moveable bumper system something that should be considered for use in Australian karting?



Should the CIK 'drop-down' style front bumper system be adopted in Australia?



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