Canberra Track Submission

  16 February 2015

Canberra Kart Club has submitted a development application with the ACT Government for major changes at the Fairbairn Park venue.

The club is looking to extend the circuit to reach a total distance of 1250m.

The application also includes a 3-storey control tower that will include a kitchen, dining hall, toilet/shower facilities, accessible facilities, a waste enclosure and spectator seating.

Above: There are a lot of wiggly bits in the new blue section to reach the 1250m lap length. Only parts (the pink bits) of the exisitng circuit will be retained.

The site will receive extensive re-grading and rehabilitation to accommodate the new race track, including landscaping, ponds and the associated civil and service works.

Total costing for the works is almost $2.4million.

CKRC President, Bruce Chancellor, said "The process is well underway. The design has passed its initial checks and it is in the ACTPLA system. All of the initial requirements have been met and it's now in with the Department. Indications are that we could have Development Approval within 6 weeks."

"There is still a lot of behind the scene ongoing planning and work to be done to make it all happen. But this is definitely a big step closer to make it happen."

Above & Below: Three-level control tower and club/function rooms


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