Kingston Cup

Plenty of AKC teams and drivers headed to Melbourne on the weekend to contest the Kingston Cup at Oakleigh in preparation for the series finale at the venue later this year.

The reliable Melbourne weather threw a few curve balls in the finals to spice things up.

“Thanks to all our volunteers for making the event happen and thank you to all the competitors who came from far and wide to race” the club posted.

  • full results are on Speedhive HERE
  • photos by BPM Photography – Saturday HERE, Sunday HERE
  • photos by Trackdown Media – Saturday HERE, Sunday HERE


KA3 Senior Medium
1 Jaxon Barrington
2 Thomas Patching
3 Rio Campbell

TaG Rest Medium
1 Mitchell Davis
2 Rhys Hunt
3 Jacob Holland

Cadet 9
1 Oliver Armitt
2 Lex Kelly
3 Jarvis Hindle

1 Samuel March
2 Jack Steere
3 Ky Burke


KA3 Senior Light
1 Hunter Salvatore
2 Amos Orr
3 Dallas Greene

TaG Rest Light
1 Jarrod Bottomley
2 Ashely Johnston
3 Edward Bourke

KA3 Junior Heavy
1 Zachary Turner
2 Oliver Von Tunk
3 Cooper Fysh

X30 Light
1 Max Walton
2 Jay Coul
3 Pip Casabene

Cadet 12
1 Austin McPherson
2 Luca Portaro
3 Casper Anderson

KA3 Junior Light
1 Ky Burke
2 Hudson Hughes
3 Riley Harrison

TaG 125 @ 172kg
1 Jackson Souslin-Harlow
2 Zachary Thompson
3 Amos Orr