Slippery Day at Gippsland

The day started wet, but most of the racing was in the dry at Gippsland Go Kart Club’s May race day on Sunday.

Next month the club plans to run an extra race for each class, ie four heat races then a final (but all points count for the day’s result) – well worth getting along to if you want lots of races for the day!

  • full results on speedhive HERE
  • all pics by Steve Dansie

Results (overall points)

Cadet 9
1 Jordan Bantick
2 Tahj O’Reilly
3 Ashton Laity

Jordan Bantick, Cadet 9 winner

Cadet 12
1 Corey O’Brien
2 Harry Jones
3 Cooper Ashton

Corey O’Brien won it all in Cadet 12

Junior Heavy
1 Hunter Bailey


Wets v slicks – Hunter Bailey dives under Bailey Leech in Juniors

Junior Light
1 Cody Boys
2 Bailey Leech

Cody Boys, Junior Light winner

Senior Light
1 Nick Popple

Nick Popple used the day to play with kart setups in Senior Light

Senior Medium
1 Mark Wicks
2 Ben Fisher
3 Grant Wicks

The Senior Medium podium in order: Mark Wicks, Ben Fisher and Grant Wicks

TaG 125 Heavy
1 Geoff Wyhoon

Geoff Wyhoon fronted with a new kart in TaG
Despite this lurid slide, Luke Dilena grabbed fourth overall in Senior Medium
The kids had to tune the trolley before collecting the race lights & extinguishers at the end of the day
Battle of the P-Platers, Ashton Laity leads Tahj O’Reilly, Cadet 9
Grant Wicks tickles the line of disaster in the #22
Cadet 12 approach the start
P-plate Cadet driver Liam Bald picked up the day’s encouragement award