Capri Cup Concludes IKC Championship

by Russell Innes – Ipswich Kart Club

Ipswich Kart Club had a sensational finish to their 2022 Club Championship with the running of the Capri Cup on Saturday the 15th of October. As has become normal at IKC, over 200 entries were received for the final club championship round and whilst several club champions were all but locked in, most classes went down to the wire with several drivers who led going into the last round having an unfortunate day and championship leads changed.

The Capri Cup is now traditionally run on the K Track Reverse configuration at Ipswich Kart Club, which most drivers agree is more physical than normal direction and many appreciated the opportunity to run a different configuration to normal.

Cadet 12, first corner (pic – Ronan Morgan, RGM Photography)

All classes got 2 x 8 lap Heats, plus a 10 lap Heat and the originally scheduled 10 Lap Finals were all extended to 12 Lap Finals, as the very efficient race management team at IKC had the race meeting running ahead of schedule and added extra laps for all Finals.

Leo Prommnitz dominated in Cadet 12 P, winning all 3 Heats and the Final, with Ryan Webster his closest rival finishing 2nd in the Final and Charles Newman the best of the rest and 3rd in the Final. Joshua Fabian and Felix Sim battled at the front through the Heats in Cadet 9P and in a very close finish in the Final Sim just held out Fabian, with Oliver Jones 3rd.

Cadet 12P podium, 2nd Ryan Webster, 1st Leo Prommnitz, 3rd Charles Newman (pic – Ronan Morgan, RGM Photography)

Jack Musico, Blake Haigh, Harlen Bell, Michael Quintiliani and Andrew Thomson were amongst the placings in the Heats of Cadet 9. Quintiliani had the pace in the Final though, leading all the way and winning comfortably from Bell and Haigh.

Gabriel Elkayam, Brock Helm and Alester Flack were the Heat winners in Cadet 12. In the Final, both Alester Flack and Lana Flack led at various stages, before Basilio Micale took the lead followed by Roman Krutil and Riley Curtis, these three filling the podium.

Cadet 12 podium – 1st Group 3 Joshua Williams, 2nd Roman Krutil, 1st Basilio Micale, 3rd Riley Curtis (pic – Ronan Morgan, RGM Photography)

4SS Junior continues to grow at IKC and 14 entries, including 6 P Platers put on some great racing. Georgie Yeadon won all 3 Heats, with Sebastian Simonelli and Cody Scott very close behind and in the Final Yeadon again led narrowly, but Simonelli found a way past near the end of the Final and won narrowly from Yeadon, with Scott 3rd.

4SS Junior podium – 2nd Georgie Yeadon, 1st Sebastian Simonelli, 3rd Cody Scott (pic – Ronan Morgan, RGM Photography)

KA4 Junior Light has produced some fantastic battles all year at IKC and the normal frontrunners of Dominic Penman, Luke Rinaldi, Tyson McGill, Jye Flynn and Jackson Cooper were all amongst the placings in the Heats. Penman led all the way in the Final to win from Rinaldi and McGill.

Dominic Penman had a great day, 1st in KA4 Junior Light and 2nd in KA3 Junior (pic – Ronan Morgan, RGM Photography)

Brodie Norris absolutely dominated KA3 Junior, winning all 3 Heats and the Final. Dominic Penman, Jack Wells, Isaac McNeill and Jordan Ensbey filled the placings during the Heats, but Norris was unchallenged all day and had an easy win in the Final from Penman and McNeill.


The small 4SS Senior field was as usual dominated by the Briggs brothers, Jordan winning Heat 1 from brother Darcy, repeating the result in Heat 2, before Darcy reversed the result in Heat 3 and then the Final. Andy Mann was consistently the best of the rest and completed the podium in the Final.

The Briggs boys, (23) Jordan and (21) Darcy, dominated 4SS Senior Light (pic – Ronan Morgan, RGM Photography)

TAG Restricted Medium and Masters ran as a group and Gav Whitmore had a great Heat 1 win from Scott Bush and Rudy Farkas. Allan Mayes set the tone for the rest of the day with the Heat 2 win from James Hogan and Kevin Johnston. Mayes then won Heat 3 from Whitmore and Farkas and after passing Whitmore early in the Final, drove to a strong win, Whitmore 2nd and Hogan 3rd. In Masters Noel Smyth won all 3 Heats and the Final comfortably from Evan Broughton and Simon Russell.

As they have done for most of the year, the Silcock brothers Dean and Ryan showed the early pace in TAG Restricted Light, Ryan winning Heat 1 and Dean winning Heat 2, with Jack Munro the only real threat. These 3 again battled very closely in Heat 3, this time Ryan Silcock winning from Munro and Dean Silcock, but only ½ second between the 3 after 10 laps. On to the Final and a great battle again between these 3 youngsters well out in front of everyone else, this time Munro working hard to get past Ryan Silcock and then on the 2nd last lap taking the race lead from Dean Silcock.

Ryan Uhlmann, Keegan Fraser, Tyler Greenbury and Brent Reading were the frontrunners in the TAG Light Heats, Uhlmann winning Heat 1 from Greenbury and Fraser, Reading winning Heat 2 from Greenbury and Fraser and Greenbury winning Heat 3 from Fraser and Reading. Greenbury led all the way in the Final for a strong win from Reading and Fraser.

TAG Light charge towards turn 1 (pic – Ronan Morgan, RGM Photography)

Brock Plumb and Christopher Williams were the early winners in TAG Heavy with a Heat win each. Williams following it up with a strong 3rd Heat win, with Finlay Derry, Josh Goddard and Josh Dagg also amongst the placings in the Heats. What was anticipated to be a great Final between Williams and Plumb was all over after the 3rd lap with both out, leaving Derry in front from Dagg, these two well clear from Harrison Fox, Layton Smith and Jumpei Morita battling for 3rd. Derry was never threatened and won comfortably from Dagg and Fox.

Scott Sorensen won 2 of the 3 Heats in the small Queensland Open Performance Light field, Lachlan Murphy taking the other Heat win. Marcello Surace was close behind through the Heats, but in the Final he was able to go to the lead early and hold off Murphy for the win, with Sorensen back in 3rd.

Queensland Open Performance Heavy podium – 2nd Scott Cleveland, 1st Josh Smith, 3rd Kobe Barton (pic – Ronan Morgan, RGM Photography)

Brett Wells won 2 of the 3 Heats in Queensland Open Performance Heavy, Josh Smith in a return to karting was able to take the other Heat win, with Scott Cleveland and Kobe Barton filling placings through the Heats. In the Final Wells lead early before the gearbox gave out, leaving Smith in front of Cleveland and Barton who put in his best drive of the day to take the final step on the podium.

The IKC Clubday Challenge Program was once again ran and the Group Winners were:

  • Nicholas Moran – Cadet 9 Group 2
  • Riccardo Johnston – Cadet 9 Group 3
  • Zander Watts – Cadet 12 Group 2
  • Joshua Williams – Cadet 12 Group 3
  • Loclan Hennock – KA4 Junior Light Group 2
  • August Soward – KA4 Junior Light Group 3
  • Gavin Soward – TAG Restricted Medium Group 2
  • Dean Vellacott – TAG Restricted Light Group 2

The final race meeting for the year at Ipswich Kart Club will be next Saturday the 29th of October and will see the return of the King and Queen Titles. This is a non club championship round and will be on the Track A configuration and will consist of 2 x 12 lap Heats and a 14 Lap Final for each class.

There will also be approximately $5000.00 in random draw and fastest lap prizes on offer, with some generous donations having been received from the kart shops of South East Queensland.