Driver PR: Reece Cohen, AKC

New South Wales State Champion Reece Cohen was back on circuit for the second round of the SP Tools Australian Kart Championship. Racing around the Bolivar race track under the Top Gun Racing team, Reece was looking to have a fast and clean weekend of racing.

With a near capacity field of thirty six drivers, Cohen was in for a tough weekend of racing. Cohen struggled for pace in Friday practice with the team struggling with set up to get Reece in the window.

The Top Gun Racing team driver hit the track for qualifying and was throwing everything he had at setting the fastest lap he possibly could. Reece was unfortunately only able to set a time inside the top thirty, in position twenty nine overall. The team was now looking to make some changes to get him forward up the grid for heat one.

(pic – Pace Images)

With a big accident occurring of the start line in heat one, Cohen was able to get through and make his way up the field. The DMC Security sponsored entry continued to make up positions throughout the race and was putting a much improved performance in from qualifying. In a dramatic race, Reece was able to move his way up nineteen positions overall, coming home inside the top ten in an awesome recovery.

Heat two was the next point of racing for Cohen and he got a lightening start to kick things off. The Massel sponsored entry was able to make up eight spots on the opening lap and had the eyes on to move forward up the grid. Reece continued his strong movements forward getting inside the top twenty and as high as position seventeen at one stage. Reece put in another strong heat, making up eleven spots and coming home in position eighteen overall!


After making up thirty spots in the first two heats the team looked to Sunday to continue their progress. Due to his opening heat results Cohen was starting out of position twelve for the third heat. The Top Gun Racing team driver settled into position thirteen at the start of the race but didn’t quite have the pace of the opening two heats. Reece drove his heart out but unfortunately got shuffled back in the middle stages of the races dropping him to the back end of the top twenty. Cohen was classified in position twenty overall with the team looking to make changes for heat four.

Cohen was starting out of position thirteen for the fourth heat and got a mega start moving up to the edge of the top ten. Unfortunately, the DMC Security backed entry was still struggling with pace and kart set up and started to slide down the order as the race went on. Reece, try as he might, had no match for the drivers around him and came home outside the top twenty in position twenty three overall.

The team were now trying to throw the kitchen sink at the final. Cohen was out of position fifteen for the final and got shuffled back to position eighteen off the start with work to do. The Massel sponsored backed entry had much better pace and was putting his head down trying to make good lap time. Reece made his way back up to position seventeen and was pushing on the top fifteen. Cohen was able to come home in a respectful position sixteen overall to finish his weekend.

Reece’s father Darren spoke post-race of a tough weekend. “It was a tough weekend for us not having the package to contend. Reece drove as well as he could and it was great to move forward over the weekend. We leave Bolivar with a clean kart and look forward to the next round of the Championship at Eastern Lions Kart Club”.