Driver PR: Max Chudasko, AKC

Max Chudasko took out the opening round of the SP Tools Australian Kart Championship at Todd Road earlier this year. Max was back on circuit over the weekend for round two at the Southern Go Kart Club in Bolivar.

Chudasko was once again running under the Tom Williamson Motorsport banner and came into the weekend leading the championship.

After showing excellent pace in Friday practice, Max was looking to start as far up the grid as possible. Chudasko hit the track for qualifying and was looking to continue his strong start to the championship. The Tom Williamson Motorsport supported entry unfortunately was out of the battle for pole position nearly immediately due to a leaking / flat tyre. Max did a terrific job to still set a time quick enough to be just outside the top ten in position eleven for his heat races.

(pic – supplied)

Max was looking to make up spots in the first heat and that was exactly what he did off the start. Chudasko moved his way into the top ten in the earlier stages but was in a battle on the edge of the top ten all race long. The round winner was able to regroup and move up two spots across the heat and came home inside the top ten in position nine overall.

Chudasko got a blistering start in heat two moving up five spots on the opening lap to sixth position. Just when Max was looking to continue his charge an incident on lap three of the race took him out of contention resulting in a DNF.

The Tom Williamson Motorsport entry started out of position seventeen for heat three but got a blistering start moving up four spots off the opening lap. Chudasko continued his march forward jumping inside the top ten and showing the excellent pace himself and the team knew they had. In a great recovery drive, Max was able to cross the line in position eight a massive nine spots up from his starting position.


Due to his excellent third heat, Max was now starting up in position eleven for heat four. Chudasko had a blistering opening lap jumping up five spots and just outside the top five in position six. The round one winner continued to put his head down and was able to make his way into the top five in position five. In another champions showing, Chudasko moved up to position five to finish the heats and went into the final with great confidence.

After two excellent recovery drives in the final two heats, Chudasko was starting out of position nine for the final. Max got a poor get away and dropped down to position fourteen off the start with plenty of work to do. In a recovery that had to be seen to be believed, the Tom Williamson Motorsport pilot was back in the top five and just outside the top three in fourth place. Just when Chudasko was looking a huge chance for victory, the young driver was involved in an incident taking him out of contention and out of the final.

In a heart breaking result, Max’s father David filled us in post-race. “It was a tough start to the weekend with a flat tyre. Max never gave up and fought back through the fields in his heats. Bitterly heart wrenching when Max had done the almost impossible. But it shows the character of the man, his ability to analyse and learn and take this set back in his stride”.

Chudasko will be back behind the wheel this weekend taking place in the Victorian Open State Championships at the Eastern Lions Kart Club.