Pro Tour Opens in Canberra

Now under a new promoter and governing body (KNSW), the 2022 Australian Rotax MAX Challenge Series (ie, Pro Tour) opened in Canberra on the weekend.

The six categories attracted just over 100 entries. The top three in the Finals are below.

  • Full results on speedhive HERE
  • Many more images on Pro Tour Facebook HERE
Senior Light form up for a heat race, Costa Toparis (43) and Zac Heard on the front row (pic – RPT/FB)

Micro MAX
1 Hunter Pearce
2 Koda Singh
3 Austin Sonny Mcpherson

Micro MAX podium (pic – RPT/FB)

Mini MAX
1 Corey Carson
2 Basilio Micale
3 Liam Car

Mini MAX podium (pic – RPT/FB)

Junior MAX
1 Max Walton
2 Kobe McInerney
3 Kayden Thompson


Junior MAX podium (pic – RPT/FB)

Rotax Light
1 Costa Toparis
2 Gianmarco Pradel
3 Tyler Howard

Senior Light podium (pic – RPT/FB)

Rotax Heavy
1 Chris Bregonje
2 Matthew Lopino
3 Matthew Greenbury

Senior Heavy podium (pic – RPT/FB)

1 Jonathon Marcusson
2 Alex Venables
3 Josh Bethune

Jonathon Marcusson, DD2 (pic – RPT/FB)

DD2 Masters
1 Troy Bretherton
2 Scott Howard
3 Nathan Taylor


DD2 Masters podium (pic – RPT/FB)
Junior MAX (pic – RPT/FB)
Terry Hanly taking more than the kerb, DD2 Masters (pic – RPT/FB)
(pic – RPT/FB)