Márquez Brothers Train On Karts

Brothers Marc and Alex Márquez, official Honda riders in MotoGP, will introduce karting into their training plan from this year, following the example of many F1 drivers.

The Spanish brothers have chosen CRG as a technical partner, which through Carlos Gil, the Spanish importer of the Italian Factory and CEO of SportKart Vendrell, has supplied them with 2 newly approved KZ chassis.

The Márques brothers with CRG crew (pic – CRG)

The first contact has already taken place on the Vendrell track where Carlos Gil’s staff made them both go through an intense day of training, before officially handing them over the chassis.

Karting is universally recognized as an excellent training for every professional driver, thanks to the incredible performances it offers, good for stimulating and improving reflexes and body. More and more professional drivers are therefore combining the benefits of training with karting with the fun and emotions that these vehicles can offer when driving them.


The first day of testing was very positive and both drivers, after making the seat and a first shakedown, scored some interesting lap times on the demanding Vendrell track. Their comments were enthusiastic, both in thanking the availability of Carlos Gil’s staff, who is doing an excellent job on the Spanish market for the CRG colors, and in highlighting the technical characteristics of the 2022 chassis, which they will have available throughout the season.

Both of them underlined how many similarities there are between a racing kart and a MotoGP for what concerns physical stress and how useful it is to be able to have professional karts for their trainings, together with the assistance of a world-leading Factory at your disposal.