Profile: Paul Buckley, Superkarter

from the Queensland Superkart Club

Queensland Superkart Club: How did you get involved in the club?

Paul Buckely: Many moons ago I owned an Aussie Race Car when they first started as Aussie Legends. I only did a season as I was the poor guy amongst the rich blokes but managed to run mid field.

I have always wanted to get back into racing as it’s in the family blood. My father raced speedway, rally and even broke a lap record at Bathurst on his first time on a race track when he was 19 back in 1958.

I decided last year to have a look at Superkarts. I came to the last round at Lakeside and I was hooked, I had to get a kart. I bought a 2017 Intrepid Rotax that was not in very good race condition. Luckily Pete Nuske helped me out to get the kart up to a decent race ready kart. I owe a lot to Pete to say the least.

I was pretty happy with my first year. All I was hoping for was some good laps and if I was lucky maybe a podium. I would never have thought I would have had the amazing year that I did. Now I just have to try and back it up next year.

What have you enjoyed the most while being part of the club?

The friendliness of the club members, the close racing of the Rotax class and the ongoing help I have received from Pete and Dave has been amazing and very much appreciated. I look forward to many years with the club and hopefully can pass on my knowledge or lack there of to newbies in the future.


What class would you race if you had the option?

I’m pretty happy in Rotax; it’s cheap racing, close racing and being that all our karts are pretty much the same, it all comes down to talent and how far you can push yourself and the kart. The competition up front is close and clean. Chasing that podium is an amazing adrenaline rush.

What are your future goals?

Hopefully to keep doing what I did in 2021. Get some good lap times, a win or two and to catch Perfect
Pete would be a bonus.

Try and stay consistent, stay on the track and don’t run into anyone. But most of all, just have a blast
and a laugh with a bunch of great racers.

Also, as I am a bit of a clown, try and keep some good laughter
in the pits on race day, we aren’t racing for sheep stations, so why not have a bit of a laugh.

What interests do you have outside of Superkarting?

I tend to like going fast, so I ride bikes and currently have a speed boat for the family to enjoy during the
summer period. We love camping also and try to get out and about as much as possible to get away
from the every day grind.

My oldest son Lucien, who just turned seven, wants to race Karts next year. But I think we will wait another 12 months to see if he is still keen and see where that goes. I was certainly over the moon when he asked me. Even our four-year-old Xander asks me “dad, when can I go as fast as you”. So looks like the bank account is going to be lacking funds in the future…

I’m a bit of a chatter (just ask Pete), so I’ll leave it at that and look forward to next season. Merry Xmas and Happy new year to everyone.


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