Licence Extensions for VIC & NSW Drivers

Karting Australia, in conjunction with Karting Australia (NSW) and Karting Victoria, has announced additional licence extensions for NSW and Victorian Drivers as they emerge from the challenges of the COVID-19 enforced lockdown restrictions imposed in their States over the past few months.

To provide benefits for all NSW and Victorian Drivers, the Licences will be extended upon renewal by a bonus three months. These are in addition to the previous bonus months, that Drivers were eligible to receive following the first lock downs across the country in 2020.


This three-month extension replaces the one and two month extensions previously advised to NSW Licence Holders in August.


A Licence Holder with a Home Club (as shown on CMS) affiliated with Karting Australia (NSW) and Karting Victoria that had a current licence as of the start of the lockdown on June 26, 2021 will have an additional three months automatically added to the expiry date of your Licence if you renew your Licence when it comes due for renewal between now and June 30, 2022.


  • You do not need to do anything to receive the additional three months added to your Licence expiry date other than renew your Licence when it comes due for renewal.
  • If you have renewed your Licence between July 1, 2021 and November 10, 2021, three months will automatically be added to your Licence’s renewal date for 2022.