Driver PR: Jeremy Kay, ELKC Race Day

Jeremy Kay was one excited young driver to be back at the track over the weekend. Three months is a long time of no racing for anyone, let alone an eager Cadet 9 driver wanting race hard and catch up with his mates.

Jeremy and his dad John took to the Eastern Lions Kart Club over the weekend. With a field of fourteen drivers, young Jeremy had a fun day of racing ahead of him with improvement and consistency at the top of the teams mind.

Jeremy and his mate Gustav Edgal (pic – supplied)

Jeremy heading out for qualifying in cold greasy conditions. With Victorian Champion James Flynn and other state title and open meeting competitors racing in the field, the Energy Kart driver had his work cut out for him. With good and improving pace all session young Jeremy was able to put himself inside the top ten qualifying in eighth position, putting himself on the outside of the fourth row. John and Jeremy were now looking to improve the kart to get the young driver up the grid.

Heat one came around and Jeremy had a great start and made his way up to position seven off the start. With improved pace from qualifying the Energy Kart driver was looking stronger and wasn’t far behind the battle for sixth place. Young Jeremy came home with an improved seventh position with lap times over half a second fastest then his qualifying times.


Young Kay had another clean get away in heat two, staying in position eight on the opening lap. Lap two and the Energy Kart drive was able to make the move for position seven and was trying to hunt down the drivers in front. With consistent and fast driving Jeremy was within three tenths of a second of position six, again coming home in position seven. This meant he’d moved up one spot from his qualifying position.

Jeremy was now out of position seven for heat three and that’s were he stayed in the opening few laps. Kay had improved lap speed and was able to make the move for position six on lap four. With lap times three to fourth tenths quicker then he’d set earlier in the day, young Jeremy was trying his heart out. The Energy Kart driver made his way into the top five the following lap coming home with his best finish of the weekend in fifth position.

Jeremy and dad John were happy with the improvement in heat three and were looking to move forward in the final. Jeremy got another clean get away and finished the opening lap in position seven. By the end of lap two the Energy Kart driver was up to position five and by lap four was on the podium in position three. In a great battle with Victorian State Champion James Flynn and Sam Sidwell the fight was on for the podium. In another great race and strong showing Jeremy just lost out in the battle coming home with another strong top five in fifth position.

Jeremy was happy with the day and father John was happy to see his son back at the go kart track. “Consistent performance throughout the day. Managed to gain 3rd position in the final but outdriven by the well experienced Flynn and Sidwell in the last 2 laps of the race. Many thanks to support from energy team mate Gus Egdal, Sam Skoblar, Blake purvis and fellow drivers and mates Aiden Schweikert as well as Cayden Beacham Cooper and Jasper Frith. Many thanks for Continued support from Dylan at DJM and Energy Kart Dads for pit crew”. Without a doubt young Jeremy is a young driver to watch in the future!