KA100 Titles Feature at Ipswich Races

by Russell Innes, Ipswich Kart Club


With entries down a little due to border restrictions preventing some Northern NSW competitors getting across the border, 207 starters still enjoyed a wonderful day of racing for the 5th Round of the Ipswich Kart Club Championships and the KA100 Titles on Saturday the 4th of September.

The Feature classes were KA4 Junior Light, KA3 Junior and KA3 Senior and overall winners were Ryan Macmillan (KA4 Junior Light), Jack Wells (KA3 Junior) and Keegan Fraser (KA3 Senior).

The meeting featured an on-track tribute to Alf Capri. Here, Patrick Buckley in the #29 “Alf” Ipswich Kart Club kart leads the Cadets section of the tribute (pic – Paul Goodman Photography)

Macmillan set the tone in qualifying in KA4 Junior Light with a dominant lap and really wasn’t challenged all day with excellent pace in the early laps of each Heat getting him away and clear of the pack, winning all 3 Heats and then the Final by over 5 seconds each time. Armand Hamilton, Lachlan Platten, Dominic Penman and Isaac McNeill fought hard for the minor placings during the Heats, Hamilton coming home 2nd in the Final, ahead of Alex Gardner who had a bad start to the day but fought back hard through the Heats to grab the final spot on the podium.

KA3 Junior had a huge 24 starters and offered some amazing racing throughout the day. Macmillan again took pole by the barest of margins (0.001 seconds) from Mika LeMasurier and once again showed amazing pace in his first few laps in Heat 1 to get away. LeMasurier also cleared the pack, these two finishing well clear of Jack Wells in 3rd. LeMasurier jumped to an early lead at the start of Heat 2 with Macmillan and Wells pursuing him and over the last few laps all 3 put on a great display of driving battling for the lead. Macmillan winning narrowly from Wells and LeMasurier. Wells started to show some authority in Heat 3 leading most of the way, loosing the lead to Macmillan at one stage but quickly retaking the lead and holding on to win from Jordan Ensbey and Zane Rinaldi, Macmillan slipping back to 4th whilst LeMasurier went off track early and only recovered to 11th. MacMillan and Wells led away the Final from the front row, ahead of Rinaldi and LeMasurier. Wells, LeMasurier and Macmillan quickly established themselves in the first 3 placings and eased away from the big battle for 4th between Rinaldi, Shaun Jacques and Ensbey. The front 3 were driving smart and not battling and had edged away from the pursuing group until they started swapping places in the last few laps as LeMasurier took the lead and Wells then took it back, but it all allowed Rinaldi and Jacques to catch up and both take the opportunity to get past Macmillan on the last lap. Wells, winning narrowly from LeMasurier, Rinaldi 3rd followed by Jacques and Macmillan.

Ryan Macmillan #90 and Mika LeMasurier #19 go wheel-to-wheel in KA3 Junior (pic – Paul Goodman Photography)

KA3 Senior had a small field of only 10, but was full of quality drivers. Jace Matthews qualified 1st ahead of Kurtis Tennant, Keegan Fraser and Declan Matthews. Jace Matthews winning the 1st Heat from Fraser and Byron Phillips as Tennant and Declan Matthews had on track incidents and fell way back. The Matthews brothers finishing 1 and 2 in the 2nd Heat, Jace ahead of Declan with Tennant 3rd. Heat 3 was the same 2 at the front with Fraser getting 3rd this time. Jace Matthews would therefore start the Final from Pole, with Fraser, Declan Matthews, Phillips and Tennant behind. Disaster struck Jace Matthews before the start as his engine stopped during the warm up lap and he didn’t make the start. Fraser led early before Declan Matthews took over the lead from Fraser and Tennant close behind in 3rd. The top 3 stayed very close throughout the 14 lap final, but Matthews held on to cross the line 1st from Fraser and Tennant. Unfortunately, Matthews had copped a 10 second starting infringement, which elevated Fraser to the win from Tennant and Ryan Uhlmann saving his best for the Final and a well deserved 3rd place.

Keegan Fraser, KA3 Senior (pic – Paul Goodman Photography)

Across the rest of the classes, Cadet 9 had a familiar result with Sebastian Eskandari-Marandi winning the Final from Alaster Flack and Zack Hilder. Jaxson Burns won Cadet 12 from Patrick Buckley and twin brother Jenson Burns.

Finn Woodley had a dominant day in 4SS Junior, winning from Zac Mason and William Carey. In the 4SS Senior classes, entry numbers were well down, BJ Kennedy winning 4SS Supermaxx Heavy, Timothy Baker winning 4SS Senior Medium and Andrew Mann winning 4SS Senior Light.

Pete Sattler and Jamie Page had a great battle all day in TAG Restricted Medium, Sattler prevailing in the Final to win from Page and Nick Newman 3rd. Peter Nolloth had a great win in TAG Restricted Masters from Michael McLean and Scott Horwell. Brent Reading continued his dominance of TAG Restricted Light, winning all 3 Heats and the Final, comfortably ahead of Robert Mortensen and Cameron Hargrave.

TAG light had a massive 24 karts, Ryan Laycock, Harrison Hoey, Kurtis Tennant, Marc Tulloch, Ryan Hadden and Dylan Rudd in the placings during the Heats. Hoey winning the Final from Tulloch and Hadden. Brendan Nelson was victorious in TAG Heavy from Jared Neinert and Luke Thomas.

Open Performance ran as a Light and Heavy Group, Oscar Targett, Coby Govoni and Josh Goddard the podium in Light and Dan Hutchinson, Leorra Devisser and Scott Cleveland the podium in Heavy.

Coby Govoni, Open Performance Light (pic – Paul Goodman Photography)

This Round also saw the return of the popular IKC Clubday Challenge Program with Group Winners being, Cadet 9 Group 2 – Blake Haigh, Cadet 9 Group 3 – Oskar Hennock, Cadet 12 Group 2 – Baxter Jarrett, Cadet 12 Group 3 – August Soward, KA4 Junior Light Group 2 – Jackson Cooper, KA4 Junior Light Group 3 – Jett Adamson, TAG Restricted Light Group 2 – Miles Bromley, TAG Restricted Light Group 3 – Noel Smyth, TAG Restricted Medium Group 2 – Bradley Cox.

Ipswich Kart Club also conducted a special presentation during the day to honour IKC Life Member and karting legend Alf Capri, who passed away recently. The on-track display saw multiple karts representing Cadets, Juniors and Seniors from Ipswich Kart Club doing slow laps of honour. It was great to see Maureen Capri in attendance and she truly appreciated the support shown by IKC members.

Maureen Capri (pink top) watches the Alf Capri on-track tribute with IKC members and officials (pic – Paul Goodman Photography)

Next race meeting at Ipswich Kart Club will be on the 9th of October and will be the rescheduled TAG Restricted Titles, Round 4 of the Club Championship, which was abandoned on July 31st because of the snap COVID Lockdown by the Queensland Government.


  • Top 3 in the Finals below; full results from this event on speedhive HERE

TaG Light
1 Harrison Hoey
2 Marc Tulloch
3 Ryan Hadden

TaG Heavy
1 Brendan Nelson
2 Jarad Neinert
3 Luke Thomas

4SS Junior
1 Finn Woodley
2 Zac Mason
3 William Carey

TaG Restricted Light
1 Brent Reading
2 Robert Mortensen
3 Cameron Hargrave

Cadet 12
1 Jaxson Burns
2 Patrick Buckley
3 Jenson Burns

Open Performance
1 Oscar Targett
2 Coby Govoni
3 Josh Goddard

Cadet 9
1 Sebastian Eskandari-Marandi
2 Alaster Flack
3 Zack Hilder

4SS Cadet
1 Caine Caldwell
2 Maxwell Padilha
3 Tyson McGill

KA4 Junior Light
1 Ryan MacMillan
2 Armand Hamilton
3 Alex Gardner

4SS Supernaxx Heavy
1 BJ Kennedy
2 Simon Russell

4SS Senior Medium
1 Timothy Baker
2 Roberto Padilha

4SS Senior Light
1 Andrew Mann
2 Charlotte Russell

KA3 Senior Light
1 Keegan Fraser
2 Kurtis Tennant
3 Ryan Uhlmann

TaG Restricted Medium
1 Peter Sattler
2 Jamie Page
3 Nick Newman

TaG Restricted Masters
1 Peter Nolloth
2 Michael McLean
3 Scott Horwell

KA3 Junior
1 Jack Wells
2 Mika LeMasurier
3 Zane Rinaldi