Doin’ The Dirt In Ipswich

from Kev ‘The Noise’ Davies

What a day / night of racing, my first venture into the dirt and Ipswich City Dirt Kart Club didn’t disappoint at round number one of the club’s Championship.

There was some fabulous racing in all classes across the board, with more sideways action than I’ve even seen before!

The track conditions lent them selves towards super close racing in several classes on the 550m circuit. The round attracted 62 entries.

A fabulous day’s entertainment, all captured in HD video (feature race recordings below). Top-3 results listed below are for the round (and since it was round 1, reflect the current Championship standings).

  • More videos (the heat races) are on Kev’s YouTube HERE
  • More photos on Kev’s Facebook HERE
  • Full results on the club website HERE

Seniors – Group 2
1 Paul Hope
2 Angus Reid
3Ashley Rasmussen

Seniors – Group 3
1 Jason Gislingham
2 Blake Formosa
3 Bretto Formosa


Seniors – Group 4
1 Robert Schloss
2 Jason Pryde
3 Shane Chapman

Seniors – Group 5
1 Brett Harris
2 Will Edyvean
3 Ryan Casha

Juniors – Group 2
1 Kaalen Vardy
2 Liam Loannidis
3 Braxton Doyle

Juniors – Group 3
1 Cassidy Edyvean
2 Isaac Audoss
3 Gabrielle Lynch

Juniors – Group 1
1 William Harding
2 Ryan Reid
3 Jaycob Edwards

Seniors – Group 1
1 Clint Audoss
2 Cam Evans White
3 Lisa Audoss

1 Darren Meen
2 Josh Reberger
3 Crystal Applebee