KNSW Approve Non-Genuine Parts for IAME & ROK

Karting NSW is aiming to reduce cost for competitors by allowing a number of non-genuine replacement parts in the IAME 100cc Reedjet and Vortex Mini Rok engines.

Permitted to be used in competition from 1 January 2021, some of the parts include replacements for the OEM clutch drum, drive sprocket, starter motor, and stop / start ignition buttons. Additionally, wiring looms will be permitted to be repaired to their original condition.

This follows the announcement in October allowing the use of hard-chromed crankshafts in Mini Rok engines.

“The rule change will provide no performance advantage, but is intended to save the karter a significant amount of money” Karting NSW published.


Graeme Abbott, KNSW State Technical Officer, said “We are thrilled with the positive feedback received in October when we announced the use of hard-chromed cranks in Mini Roks. We expect today’s announcement will be equally as well received by karters and industry alike.”

Ms Alsters, Chair of KNSW said “Our vision is simple. It is to see more people karting more often. To achieve this, we need to continue to explore ways to reduce the costs associated with karting”.

KNSW anticipate additional cost-reduction measures will be announced throughout 2021.