4 Hours Dry, 3 Hours Wet at SEK QLD Finale

from Kev ‘The Noise’ Davies

What a weekend it was with 95 entries for the last round of the season for SEK Qld at Ipswich. There was a huge field of single engine four-strokes as well as a great field of F100s. 

The day ran mostly in the dry but then half way through the 7-hour enduro the heavens opened – and boy oh boy did we see some action! It was a fabulous day of racing which had everything.

2nd place in the final gave the JLA Racing team the series title
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F100 final winner Josh Hunt

Senior Twin Honda – Maxx Class
1 Team Seven73
2 JLA Racing
3 Rupert’s Bar & Grill

Senior Twin Honda – Sportman Class
1 Team Omega
2 Team 13
3 Team Seven73


Junior 4-Stroke
1 Jordi Slater
2 Finn Woodley
3 Zachary Fill

1 Max Newton
2 Frazer Sturgess
3 Jarred White

Senior 4-Stroke
1 James Hogan
2 Zachary Wlavin
3 Hayden Nissen

Single Senior 2-Hour
1 Spalding/Smith
2 Walvin/Walvin
3 Walker /Walker

1 Josh Hunt
2 Brendan Stone
3 Brenden Jeffs


Team Omega took out the Sportsman division at Ipswich