Split To Podium

Clubman Super Heavy driver Starr Kopa finished in second place at AKRA’s most recent race meeting at Wollongong, the fifth round of the club championship.

However, a week prior, Kopa’s kart had split in two, the main chassis rails cracked and finally breaking in two at exactly the same point. The only things connecting the front and back halves were the sidepod bars, brake line and throttle cable!


Rolly Boldy sleeved and welded a repair in the leadup to race day, allowing Kopa to not only race, but take home a trophy.


  • Race report and photos from the meeting were published HERE
This is how 2nd place Starr Kopa’s Kart was 1 week before race day. Rolly did his magic on it and got it good as new to finish on the podium first time back at the track.