Three Worthy Winners in Adria

from FIA Karting

The first Competition of the FIA European Karting Championship – KZ & KZ2 and the FIA Karting Academy Trophy concluded on the circuit of Adria (ITA) after an excellent day of racing.

In sunny and warm weather, the Swedish Driver Gustavsson dominated the KZ2 Final just as the young American Zilisch mastered the Academy Final. The outcome was more uncertain in KZ before the Italian Irlando secured victory after leading for the entire race.

Continuing the fight against Coronavirus with the strict application of the FIA sanitary protocol, the Adria Competition saw high temperatures, as well as a high standard of performance.

The Adria Karting Raceway’s beautiful track, however, did not make it easy to overtake. The positions hardly changed over the laps, which does not take anything away from the achievement of the winners. Despite the heat, the Vega tyres did a good job on this track, which is known to be demanding on this point.

Simo Puhakka was 2nd in the KZ final for Tony Kart


Alessandro Irlando (ITA – Birel ART/TM Racing/Vega) showed his determination by winning the third and last Qualifying Heat, but Simo Puhakka (FIN – Tony Kart/Vortex/Vega) remained at the top of the standings. Despite being on pole position, the Finn would have to deal with two Italians at the start of the Final.

Irlando took the lead immediately, followed by Matteo Vigano (ITA – Birel ART/TM Racing/Vega). The three men would be together for 22 of the 24 laps of the race. The finish looked very close when Vigano seized with less than two laps to go. Puhakka struggled to avoid him, but managed to take 2nd place not far from the winner Irlando.

Riccardo Longhi (ITA – Birel ART/TM Racing/Vega) completed the podium while Marijn Kremers (NLD – Ricciardo Kart/TM Racing/Vega) was 4th and Fabian Federer (ITA – Maranello/TM Racing/Vega) moved up six places to 5th.

KZ winner Alessandro Irlando (BirelART/TM)

Provisional standings of the 2020 FIA Karting European Championship – KZ after the first Competition in Adria.
1- Alessandro Irlando – 34 points
2- Simo Puhakka – 30 points
3- Riccardo Longhi – 21 points
4- Marijn Kremers – 21 points
5- Noah Milell – 13 points


Viktor Gustavsson (SWE – Birel ART/TM Racing/Vega) started the day in the best possible circumstances by winning his two Qualifying Heats, which ensured him pole position for the Final ahead of Simone Cunati (ITA – Birel ART/TM Racing/Vega), Giuseppe Palomba (ITA – Birel ART/TM Racing/Vega) and Paavo Tonteri (FIN – Tony Kart/Vortex/Vega).


The Final was to confirm the same hierarchy. Gustavsson was the fastest and won in the colours of the Leclerc by Lennox Racing team with a substantial lead of more than six seconds and the fastest lap in the race. The gap between Cunati, Palomba and Tonteri narrowed as the race approached the finish, but the positions on the line remained unchanged. Cunati was therefore the highest placed Italian. Tom Leuillet (FRA – Praga/TM Racing/Vega) completed the top five ahead of Davide De Marco (ITA – KR/IAME/Vega). Like two other Drivers, Danilo Albanese (ITA – KR/IAME/Vega) was late to the grid and was not allowed to start.

Provisional standings of the 2020 FIA Karting European Championship – KZ2 after the first Competition in Adria.
1- Viktor Gustavsson – 35 points
2- Simone Cunati – 29 points
3- Giuseppe Palomba – 24 points
4- Paavo Tonteri – 20 points
5- Leonardo Marseglia – 15 points


Connor Zilisch (USA) started to make the difference in his last Qualifying Heat on Sunday morning. Zilisch’s victory took him to the top of the standings and he shared the front row of the Final with Maxime Furon Castelain (LUX). Although the latter dropped back to 5th position shortly after the start, Zilisch performed well up to the finish line, which he crossed as a strong winner with a lead of more than four seconds and the fastest lap.

The fight was fierce behind him. Furon Castelain was able to move up to 2nd place ahead of Jonathan Weywadt (DNK), Macéo Capietto (FRA) in 4th and Rafael Modonese (PER) in 5th. 11th at the chequered flag, the Italian Matteo De Palo was 20th after penalties were applied.

Provisional ranking of the 2020 FIA Karting Academy Trophy after the first Competition in Adria.
1- Connor Zilisch – 35 points
2- Maxime Furon Castelain – 29 points
3- Jonathan Weywadt – 24 points
4- Macéo Capietto – 19 points
5- Alex Powell – 14 points

The three categories will meet in three weeks time for the conclusion of the FIA European Karting Championship – KZ & KZ2 and the second of the three FIA Karting Academy Trophy Competitions.

  • full results from Adria HERE

Satruday Report & Video

The weather was beautiful on Saturday, 15th August on the Adria circuit for a hot day dedicated to most of the Qualifying Heats for the first Competition of the FIA Karting European Championship – KZ & KZ2 and the FIA Karting Academy Trophy. The Finn Simo Puhakka dominated KZ with two victories, while Jonathan Weywadt (DNK) and Connor Zilisch (USA) shared the lead in the Academy standings. Four Drivers stood out in KZ2: Danilo Albanese (ITA), Viktor Gustavsson (SWE), Simone Cunati (ITA) and Paavo Tonteri (FIN).

This time, the weather remained fine all day with high temperatures. The Races were hard fought by highly motivated competitors, but overall very honest in their racing behaviour. The Qualifying phase will end at Sunday lunchtime with the last six heats of the programme before concentrating on the three Finals.


The day did not go as planned for the poleman Alessandro Irlando (ITA). Somehow, the starts were not in his favour. Simo Puhakka (FIN) won both Heats after leading from start to finish. Reigning World Champion Marijn Kremers (NLD) was 2nd ahead of Irlando in Heat 1, while Riccardo Longhi (ITA) finished 2nd in Heat 2. With the third and final Heat taking place on Sunday morning, Puhakka leads ahead of Kremers, Irlando, Longhi and Matteo Vigano (ITA).


There was no shortage of battles during the seven Qualifying Heats contested today in the FIA Karting European Championship – KZ2. There are three more to go on Sunday morning, two for Group B and one for the other groups, before the list of 36 Finalists is announced. Viktor Gustavsson (SWE), Simone Cunati (ITA) and poleman Danilo Albanese (ITA) each won two Heats, while Paavo Tonteri (FIN) won once. Cunati and Gustavsson are currently leading the provisional standings, but the Swede has two more races to go on Sunday morning. Albanese lost a lot of ground with a mechanical retirement while Tonteri remained in the leading group with Giuseppe Palomba (ITA) and Leonardo Marseglia (ITA).


With four Heats and four different winners, the FIA Karting Academy Trophy keeps its promise of equality with its Exprit chassis, the Vortex engines regularly exchanged between the first and the last, and Vega ‘Option’ tyres. Starring this Saturday, Jonathan Weywadt (DNK), poleman Keanu Al Azhari (ARE), Maxime Furon Castelain (LUX) and Connor Zilisch (USA) took a victory each. The Luxembourger distinguished himself by setting the fastest time of his two Heats of the day. Weywadt remained the leader, tied on points with Zilisch, who moved up seven positions. Furon Castelain was 3rd with the same score as Macéo Capietto (FRA), who took two strong 2nd places. Alex Powell (JAM) dropped back to 5th position ahead of Al Azhari, delayed by his 6th place in the second Heat and was tied with Tom Braeken (BEL). Oscar Wurz (AUT) was 5th in the Timed Qualifying session, but dropped back to 13th. Italian driver Matteo De Palo, who set the 14th fastest time, lost ground due to a front fairing penalty and ended up in 20th place. All the participants will start their last Heat on Sunday morning to decide the positions on the grid for the Final.