Stony Creek August Races

Starting wet but drying through the day, the mix of wet and dry surface made it difficult to set up for at the Stony Creek Kart Club’s August race day on Sunday.

  • all photos by Steve Dansie
Clinton Fox three-wheels in 100S

Results of Finals

125 Light
1 Glenn Forsyth
2 Kosta Darras
3 Rob Petterson

125 Heavy
1 Paul Burke
2 Michael Faron

Wet rivers across a dry track – Campbell McMillan leads Mark Lee and the rest of the KA3/100S field

Cadet 12
1 Chadd Moore
2 Lewis Armstrong
3 Lucas Fox


Cadet 9
1 Aston Hill
2 William Brinsley
3 James Flynn

Water droplets spray over Cadet 9 winner Aston Hill #44 and James Flynn

1 Danny Jury
2 Phil Johnson
3 Mark Lee

1 Campbell McMillan

KA4 Junior
1 Jake Watson
2 Ben Fisher
3 Lewis Hyams


KA4 Junior, Ben Fisher (25) and Lewis Hyams (62) are safe but Jake Watson #29, who would win the final, is facing the wrong way!