Golden Power Series’ Gippsland Round

The third round of the Golden Power Series was run in miserable cold and wet winter conditions at Morwell a week ago.

(pic – Steve Dansie)

Unfortunately, our planned reporter fell ill and was not able to attend. As such, we’ve only got the results and photos – see links below.

Round 4 will take place at Rochester on September 21-22.

Victorian Combined Masters
1 Phil Smith
2 Mark Appley
3 Herman van Ree

Phil Smith leads Mark Appleby (pic – Steve Dansie)

Victorian Combined Medium
1 Jackson Rice
2 Jason Gambold
3 Michael Goodfellow

KA4 Junior Heavy
1 Riley Jabke
2 Maximus Fahey
3 Johnny Hill

Riley Jabke contested 2 classes, winning KA4 Junior Heavy (pic – Steve Dansie)

Cadet 12
1 Caleb Spence
2 Anthony Alessi
3 Cadel Ambrose

Victorian Combined Light
1 Joshua Hayward
2 Ethan Warren
3 Eden Foik


Todd Chambers (42) and class winner Joshua Hayward (11) form up for Saturday’s heat race, Vic Combined Light (pic – Steve Dansie)

TaG 125 Heavy
1 Geoff Wyhoon
2 Aaron Jackson

TaG 125 Light
1 Troy Alger
2 Samuel Downing
3 Blake Worboys

Rotax-powered TaG Light winner Troy Alger (pic – Steve Dansie)

KA3 Junior
1 Ethan Brown
2 Bailey Collins
3 Bodhi Bright

KA3 Senior Medium
1 Ryan Aitken
2 Ben Chapman
3 Miranda Clarke

Ryan Aitken won KA3 Senior Medium (pic – Steve Dansie)

Cadet 9
1 Charlie Domaschino
2 Chelsea Humphrey
3 James Brett

KA3 Senior Light
1 Adam Campbell
2 Michael Bantick
3 Chad Densley

KA3 Senior Light podium (pic – Steve Dansie)

Victorian Combined Heavy
1 Brett Jenkin
2 Darren Beattie
3 Martin Golledge

KA4 Junior Light
1 Liam O’Donnell
2 Jaylen Paragreen
3 Ayrton Filippi


(pic – Steve Dansie)
  • Full results are HERE
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(pic – Steve Dansie)