Five Class Club Day at Albury Wodonga


by Bailey Dixon

Another year of Karting begins at Albury-Wodonga Kart Club, with the February club day giving us a taste of things to come. The Cadets were back playing tag, the Juniors – hanging out with their mates and the Seniors admiring each other’s karts once more.

The lights are green and the Medium boys are off and racing!

Five classes ran on the day, and in the Vic Combined Medium class, veteran Stephen O’Hare achieved a hard-fought clean sweep for the day after some millimetres-to-spare racing with David Galley. Hot on their heels, and enjoying some close racing of their own, Miranda Clarke and Michael Goodfellow fought it out for the final spot on the podium.

In his class of Cadet 9, James Brett took an outstanding first ever victory for the day! Starting from pole, he went on to win both heat one and heat two by at least a lap, while his rival Noah Dixon was suffering from carburettor issues. Eventually sorting out his problems, Noah fought back to claim victory in heat three and the final after some great racing with James.

The Cadet 12 class in action

However, the most enthralling part of the day was the epic battle between Benjamin Roberts and Jaxson McKinna for the third-step of the podium in the final. The pair were trading positions almost every lap, before, with a devastated cry from the spectators, the boys collided in the third-last corner of the final lap! It was a disappointing end to some great racing for the pair, but rest assured boys, we look forward to seeing you both on track for more action next month!

In other news, the racing in Vic Combined Light started with a bang! Second-place sitter Mark Howard found himself at the rear of the pack following a turn-one incident with Robert Bergemann and Daniel Taborsky. Daniel was elated to be participating in his first club day for over 10 years, finishing a decent fourth behind Joel Tyrrell, Mark Howard and Kevin Mullavey. Mark, the second-place sitter, had a troublesome day, finishing 6th in heat one, 1st in heats two and three, and 3rd in the final. While not great for him, it was exciting to watch him make his way back through the field.

Vic Combined Light getting into it.

Of the other categories, Cadet 12s and Juniors, the racing was even and consistent. Anthony Alessi hauled himself into the lead and worked to improve his gap to second, while Eddy Cooper once again pushed to race with Blake Tracey for the second-spot. Sol Alessi was working out his first club day as a Cadet 12 and both Ryan Taborsky and Blake Kain pushed to close the gap between themselves and the leaders. Of the Juniors, Piper Muller and Toby Robins were both in different sub-classes and with different sized engines.

At the end of the day however, great racing was done by all.

That taste of things to come has left us waiting for the next club day… See you all in March!


Piper Muller (64) and Toby Robins (99) waiting for the all-clear

Vic Combined Medium
1- Stephen O’Hare
2- David Galley
3- Miranda Clarke

Podium – Vic Combined Medium

Cadet 9
1- James Brett
2- Noah Dixon
3- Benjamin Roberts

Podium – Cadet 9

Vic Combined Light
1- Joel Tyrrell
2- Mark Howard
3- Kevin Mullavey

Podium – Vic Combined Light

Cadet 12
1- Anthony Alessi
2- Blake Tracey
3- Eddy Cooper

Podium – Cadet 12

KA4 Junior Light
1- Toby Robins
KA4 Junior Heavy
1- Piper Muller

Podium – KA4 Junior

Driver Profile – Who’s Who In Our Club?

A standout driver, supportive father and all-round great guy, Stephen O’Hare is one of our club’s top Vic Combined Medium racers.

However, he doesn’t do it alone; he is often joined at the track by his lovely wife Kim and their little son Declan.

Steve is a huge motorsport fan, with some great stories to tell of sneaking out at night to watch F1 races with his dad.

Wanting to put his own mark on motorsport, he entered go-karting around the age of 20, before taking a break for a number of years.

It was his wife that got him back into go-karting, by putting him in a little electric kart that reignited his passion; and now he’s winning races and having a blast.

While watching races, keep an eye out for his custom green and gold helmet that he had designed and his number 14 FA kart. He’ll be there.