Two Dozen South Aussies Hit Vic Country Series

from Dave Camwell

24 drivers from South Australia made the trip to Warrnambool for the first round of the 6-round Victorian Country Series.

Congratulations to all the SA drivers who competed in such a great event.

And well done to the following drivers for taking the win in their class!

  • Noah Enright – Cadet 9
  • Christian Cowie – KA4 Junior Light
  • Benjamen Delaney – TaG Light
Noah Enright #35 leads the start of Cadet 9 (pic – VCS)

“Cadet 9”- 11 entrants

Noah Enright
• Qualified 1st
• Final 1st

Mitchell Burgemeister
• Qualified 4th
• Final 5th

Riley Harrison
• Qualified 11th
• Final 11th

“Cadet 12”- 36 entrants

Ben Holliday
• Qualified 10th
• Final 13th

Charlie Evans
• Qualified 14th
• Final 14th

Jack Szewczuk
• Qualified 18th
• Final 30th

Anthony Capobianco
• Qualified 19th
• Final 28th

Leo Iannella
• Qualified 21st
• Final 9th

Rock Han
• Qualified 25th
• Final 20th


Wesley Bowden
• Qualified 32nd
• Final 26th

Jacob Chandler
• Qualified 28th
• Final 24th

Darcy Heyne
• No Qualify- 35th
• Final 17th

“KA4 Junior Light”- 16 entrants

Christian Cowie
• Qualified 1st
• Final 1st

Michael Tarbotton
• Qualified 11th
• Final- DNF

“KA3 Junior”- 12 entrants

Bronson Boult
• Qualified 3rd
• Final 7th

Brayden Stewart
• Qualified 4th
• Final 8th

“Tag Light”- 17 entrants

Benjamen Delaney
• Qualified 3rd
• Final 1st

Blake Purdie
• Qualified 15th
• Final 11th

“KA3 Senior Light”- 28 entrants

Ryan Morgan
• Qualified 5th
• Final 8th

Lauren Ferguson
• Qualified 16th
• Final 12th

Mathew Nietz
• Qualified 22nd
• Final 17th

Thomas Carrig
• Qualified 27th
• Final 25th

“Victorian Combined Medium”- 14 entrants

Andrew Harvey
• Qualified 7th
• Final 2nd

“Victorian Combined Masters”- 27 entrants

Andrew Chapman
• Qualified 21st
• Final 16th


1 thought on “Two Dozen South Aussies Hit Vic Country Series”

  1. Just letting you know that there were also three entries from Tassie in the VCS Rd 1. all from the Southern Tas Kart Club (STKC) in Hobart:
    KA3 Junior Fletcher Bellars #44 finished the final in 3rd and KA3 junior Patrick Short #86 finished 6th in the final.
    KA4 Junior Elliot Bellars #9 (Fletcher’s brother) finished the final in 8th.

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