KA-NSW 2019 Calendar

KANSW press release


  • Brian Farley Memorial elevated to prestigious State Cup Status
  • All Clubs provide opportunity for maximum points in SP Tools Driver Rankings for the first time

Karting Australia (NSW) Inc. is pleased to release a racer and family-friendly calendar for 2019.

KANSW’s calendar offers a well-spaced, conflict-free schedule that provides the state’s racers with an ability to travel between clubs to contest various events and series if they wish.

It includes a number of significant changes to the recent years, the most notable being the NSW Kart Championship being moved back to a single race weekend, and the popular Australian Kart Masters being relocated and a new NSW Young Guns event launched.

The North Shore Kart Club will host the NSW Kart Championship on the 5-7 July weekend, while the Grafton Sporting Car Club will hold both the Young Guns and Masters events.

The Masters, which attracts more than 150 over-40s racers from Australia-wide, will be held on the Easter long weekend (April 19-21), while the Young Guns is scheduled for October 5-6. Both events will feature new branding and promotion.

The prestigious Brian Farley Memorial, an event at which a win has become one of the most sought after each year, will kick the year off on the 23-24 February weekend.

Newcastle Kart Racing Club’s Club Championship will be run over seven rounds, while both Grafton and North Shore Kart Club’s Series’ will be contested over six rounds. The schedule will allow drivers from all Clubs the ability to score maximum points in the SP Tools Driver Rankings for the first time.

KANSW President Dave Laughton said he was pleased with the final make-up of the schedule for the 2019 season.

“We have worked closely with our member clubs to have minimal date clashes while providing a well-spaced, racer-friendly calendar for our competitors and their families,” Laughton said.

“I believe what we’ve been able to come up with provides plenty of good racing for our members, whether they wish to race at just one circuit, travel, or if they’re eyeing off the big annual events.”


KANSW 2019 Race Calendar

3 NKRC Club Championship Rd 1 (Club)
23/24 NSKC Brian Farley Memorial (State Cup)
24 Grafton Club Championship Rd 1 (Club)

3 NKRC Shakedown (Club)
24 NSKC Club Championship Rd 1 (Club)

14 NSKC Club Championship Rd 2 (Club)
19-21 Australian Kart Masters – Grafton (National Cup)
28 NKRC Club Championship Rd 2 (Club)

11 NSKC Club Championship Rd 3 – Saturday night race (Club)
12 Grafton Club Championship Rd 2 (Club)
26 NKRC Club Championship Rd 3 (Club)

1 NSKC Interclub Challenge (Club)
2 Grafton Club Championship Rd 3 (Club)
30 NKRC (Club)

5-7 NSW Kart Championship – NSKC (State Championship)
14 Grafton Club Championship Rd 4 (Club)
28 NKRC Club Championship Rd 4 (Club)

4 NSKC Club Championship Rd 4 (Club)
11 Grafton Club Championship Rd 5 (Club)
25 NKRC Club Championship Rd 5 (Club)

8 NSKC Club Championship Rd 5 – Golden Jubilee (Club)
28-29 NKRC Interclub Challenge (Club)

5-6 NSW Young Guns – Grafton (State Trophy)
20 NKRC Club Championship Rd 6 (Club)

4 NSKC Club Championship Rd 6 (Club)
6 Grafton Club Championship Rd 6 (Club)
20 NKRC Club Championship Rd 7 (Club)

8 NKRC Christmas Meeting & Presentation (Club)
Note – the Calendar of events is correct at the time of publication but is subject to change at the discretion of KANSW



1 thought on “KA-NSW 2019 Calendar”

  1. 2019 Australian Kart Masters will be held again for the 22nd year at Coffs Harbour Kart Racing Club on June 7-9th.
    The event started as a meeting for Mothers and Fathers getting their chance to have a crack at racing where the young and inexperienced weren’t allowed. The event has morph over the years to be ultra-competitive but still held the same intrinsic values of mate ship and sportsmanship for a once a year pilgrimage destination event.
    The event has not moved, has not changed dates and will continue as previous years. We will be running on the traditional long weekend in June, we will however have more flexibility this year to run the classes we want; 4 Stroke, Vintage, Yamaha Super Heavy and everything in between. We are in the position that we can listen to our customer – you the Karter, to tell us what classes you want.
    We are disappointed that another body/club would consider stealing an event steep in many years of tradition, and use as their own, please let this sink in to all competitors & clubs the caliber and lack of integrity they are showing, the disregard for tradition and efforts that’s clubs, competitors, officials and volunteers that have put in over the years to make this event what it is.

    I would encourage every previous competitor and newly aged qualified, to come and compete in this destination event in Coffs Harbour and enjoy the great race meeting and social gathering for what it is.

    Please share to all clubs and competitors.

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