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The event report below is by McLeod Media

Mclean & Golding overcome difficulties to reign supreme.

The 2018 Edition of the Shamick Racing 4 Hour Enduro will go down as one of the most entertaining kart races on record where Garry Rogers Motorsport driver James Golding & Matthew Mclean came out victorious.

The race saw 41 teams line up on the grid at the Go Kart Club of Victoria, where WA’s KF Kart Team Adam Levi & Kip Foster claimed the DPE Kart Superstore Fastest Qualifier award and pocketed a cool $500 cash for their efforts. Sitting alongside them on the front row was the Pro Karting team of Jason Pringle & Adam Lindstrom.


Being a four hour race, you’d think there would be relative calmness leading into turn one, but this wasn’t the case as some of the leading chances fell victim to the antics. The McLean / Golding team fell down the order to outside the top 30, Cody Gillis / Ash Seward had to make a pit stop before the five minute window could open which ruined their chances of victory.

As the race settled into the first hour it was the Harrison Hoey / Kris Walton (Zed Corse) duo that were the big movers leading at the first round of driver changes after starting 15th. Some other impressive performances came from Michael Caruso / Leigh Nicolaou who were in the top five and Curt Sera was progressing from outside the top thirty to be pushing into the top ten. On the flip side pre race favourites Daniel Rochford & Brad Jenner had their troubles with Rochford moving the team up the order before contact of karts whilst Jenner was driving caused a Slow period and damage to the Arrow Kart lost many laps. Drama struck for Mclean & Golding as the #2 kart was sitting on the sidelines with a fouled spark plug losing a lap in the process and many thought this would be the end of these two.

With teams electing to pit at different times and the Melbourne weather frantically hovering, positions were changing frequently. There was a large lead pack forming as the light rain descended onto the Port Melbourne circuit which saw Tickford Racing’s Chaz Mostert hit the lead for a brief period mixing it with 18 time Australian Champion Dave Sera, Jordie Lindstrom & Leigh Nicolaou. You wouldn’t have known there was three hours left on the clock with the way these guys were frantically racing side by side with no contact made.

Drama would incur the Pringle / Lindstrom combo as a drained battery caused them issues and an unscheduled pit stop. This saw them lose the lead to the Sera / Anton De Pasquale team with the pole sitters Foster / Levi in close pursuit. While this drama was occurring, the race was being decided in the pits as Mclean & Golding got their fortunate break whilst taking one of their compulsory pit stops. With yellow flags out for nine minutes the pair were able to gain the one lap they were originally down plus gain a lap in the process.

This was the defining moment of the race as other teams weren’t taking notice of what was unfolding. Once drivers got into the last stint and the final round of pit stops took place it was Golding one lap ahead of Sera with unsung hero’s Glen Wood / Trent Harrison (Wolfchester Racing) finding themselves in third place having missed the altercations on track and playing a smart strategy throughout the day.

With many teams battling to stay on circuit in the final hour, there were many slow periods to retrieve stricken karts. This was a blessing for Sera who was able to un-lap himself in the process but would find himself at the back end of the 26 karts left in the race with fifteen minutes left on the clock. Whilst pushing hard, Golding held his nerve over the final stages to cross the line in first by 2.8 seconds from Sera with Harrison in third.

Kip Foster crossed the line in fourth after losing time in an earlier pit stop whilst changing brake pads. Harrison Hoey never gave up to cross the line fifth whilst former winner Fergus Symes / Cody Brewczynski finished an honourable sixth.

The Masters category was taken out by 12 time Australian Champion Matt Wall and team mate Glenn Riddell who claimed eighth overall. Fastest lap went to the unlucky Adam Lindstrom led team who set his personal best on lap 235 from 243 laps.

The GKCV club needs to be commended for their efforts in preparing the circuit after Friday’s downpour in Melbourne and to the volunteers and officials who helped on the day; thank you.