Karting NSW Announce Proposed Licence Fees For 2019



Karting (NSW) Inc. (the ORIGINAL one) is pleased to announce its proposed Licence Fee structure for 2019.

KNSW has smashed the cost of new competition licences and renewals by around 15%, far exceeding its initial promise of 8.5% some months back. Other features of the proposed new structure include further discounts for our youngest Karters. Previously known as Cadet 9 and Cadet 12, our Novice and Rookie classes (up to the age of 12) have an 18% reduction in new licences and renewals, making it more affordable for Families to enjoy their Sport. In similar fashion, the cost of a Vintage licence has been slashed by 30% to encourage participation in this niche part of the sport.

“We made a promise to return money back to the Karter, and that is exactly what we propose to do.” said KNSW Operations Manager Ross Allen.

Another innovative feature of the new proposed structure includes a 30 Day Licence and will be available to folk to come and have a try and get back into the sport, and then only pay the difference to a full licence.

The Board is also considering Event Licenses and Reciprocal Licence arrangements with interested interstate Karting clubs and organisations coming to join the fun in racing with KNSW – no need to be a Member – just come and race with us!

“We’ll gauge the demand for these licence types and reciprocal arrangements going forward and see how we can make them work for our events and participants.” Ross said. “Practice licences are also slightly cheaper but our thinking is people will now want to upgrade to full licences given their improving affordability.”

KNSW propose to grandfather the KA Licences that their Members currently hold until their next expiration date, at which point renewal to a new proposed KNSW licence will be as per the table below.

The Board of KNSW is standing by its members to make karting more affordable, and is committed to further lowering licence fees, as well as club affiliation and event permit fees going forward.


KNSW Inc. can confirm, despite rumours and publications to the contrary, that none of our clubs have dis-affiliated from us – Karting (NSW) Inc.

“We will continue to review ways to return value back to our Members and Clubs, strengthening the Sport and showing respect to our People” said Dave Filipetto Chairman of the Board of KNSW.

“Our proposed licence fees will have a huge positive impact on our Member’s hip pockets and combined with our sensible and affordable tyre choice announced recently, we are showing how we will drive costs down for the competitor. We also propose to modestly reduce Club Affiliation fees this year, but along with Permit fees, they will be our next focus for Clubs. We have a plan and want our Members to believe in what we are doing.”

As you have all been aware, the Office Executive have also been busily working to restore our IT platforms with an increased focus on our web-based systems and personal data security. Events that lead to this remedial work are still the subject of investigation by relevant authorities. We look forward to launching our new website in the upcoming days.

When it comes time to renew your licence with KNSW please call the KNSW State Secretary – Karen Newton on 02 4731 5000. If your licence is due now or early January, you will soon be able to renew through our new online portal – all before racing season next year. This will carry the latest in IT Security protocols to safeguard your personal and payment details.

Stay tuned for more information this week and into the early New Year – #LetsGoRacing2019!

Licence Type – Cost
New Competition Licence Seniors and Juniors – $245.00
New Competition Licence Novice & Rookie – $235.00
New Renewal Competition Licence Seniors & Juniors – $245.00
New Renewal Competition Licence Novice & Rookie – $235.00
Renewal Competition Licence Seniors & Juniors – $225.00
Renewal Competition Licence Novice & Rookie – $215.00
Practice Licence – $80.00
Practice Licence upgrade Seniors & Juniors – $165.00
Practice Licence upgrade Novice & Rookies – $155.00
30 Day Licence – $120.00
30 Day Licence upgrade Seniors & Juniors – $125.00
30 Day Licence upgrade Novice & Rookies – $115.00
Legal Guardian Licence – $0.00
Vintage Licence – $65.00