Formula Junior Superkart Tryouts

The Queensland Superkart Club will be running come-and-try days for the new Formula JSK class in the school holidays. Participants will get to drive a competition ready Formula JSK 85cc 6-speed aero kart. Entry to the category is for drivers from 12-years of age.

Queensland Raceways CEO, John Tetley, and QSC member Raymond Raaymakers excitedly discuss the future of the QLD Formula Junior Superkart (JSK) class

QSC press release

The QSC says that Formula JSK is an affordable true racing Formula designed to bridge a gap that is currently being felt around the nations race tracks.

The next generation of circuit racers simply aren’t coming through as they had in the past. The cost of progressing from AKA karting into Formula Four and other categories is staggering for the masses and the talent simply falls to the wayside.

“We need a pathway that is logical, affordable and enjoyable for families and I believe the Formula JSK class is just the ticket. We love the way you guys turn up to a race meet with well prepped vehicles, family support and just a wonderful atmosphere for the days racing,” John Tetley stated.

Ray added, “Qld Raceways have always supported the QSC and are our natural partners for club growth. We needed a track where we could introduce Superkating to the next generation of racer with a focus on clutching, gear shifting and coming to a rolling stop. Utilising a big circuit is impractical for this process due to distances, stalling a gear box kart makes for long delays on the day. However, if the skills are present and the drivers show control, we have the option to run the main track later in the day, which is simply fantastic for the Formula JSK experience.”

John and Ray whole heartedly agree that safety is our very first concern, the goal of the come and try days are for the drivers to obtain his/her National Licence by the end of the day. By completing the on-line RACERS licence program at the on-site classroom after which the new Formula Junior Superkarter will be ready for the Open-practice race days with the QSC.


“Having Dunlop Kartsport onboard and now an entry pathway into Superkarting with Qld Raceways providing facilities for tryouts is such an exciting time for the sport of Superkarting. We are thrilled to bits and we can’t wait to see the junior drivers progress through the ranks in the coming years” – Ray.

Come and try day dates for 2019 are confirmed as the:-

• 19th January
• 6th April
• 29th June
• 21st September

We have enough Day licences and Formula JSK spec karts for 12 participants per day and the driver must be accompanied by a parent/guardian on the day. We are working hard to get this all together to deliver a great Formula experience, more to come over the coming weeks.

Driving a Formula JSK

“Using the aero to best effect you’re tucked in close for the long straights working up through the 6-speed gear box whilst red-lining the engine, soon you spot your opportunity and pull out of the slipstream for the slingshot overtake and waiting as long as you dare before you’re hard onto the brakes and quickly downshifting through the gearbox to out-brake your opponent. Now turn in
for precision driving through the apexes of the upcoming corner to find the perfect exit line to open the throttle nice early for the next racing line.

“All this action whilst keeping a non-contact, clean and tidy line throughout the lap, makes for close and exciting racing providing the Formula JSK driver with finite driving skills in an affordable true motorsport formula… Will you be the next Formula JSK Champion?”