Intrepid Goes Fluro

Intrepid has gone fluro for 2019, as seen in these studio shots of their new evolution models.

Metallic-look orange/silver/black stickers on black plastics, fluro tube colour (pic – Intrepid)

The Cub-2 model for the Cadet (Minikart) classes is designed to work on a wider variety of tyres and has modifications to the axle bearing hangers, plus the seat and steering column supports. Some of the tubes are bent in different position and radius allowed within the homologation specification.

Chassis layout for Cub-2 (Cadets/Minikart)

Chassis for OK and KZ classes have also updated; seat and steering column supports have changed, new spindles with three attachment points for steering arms – standard, plus the other two for driving on a very rubberized track or in the wet.

There are also new eccentrics with spherical bushings, and bigger magnesium hubs (from 70 to 100 mm in front, 80 to 140 mm in rear.


The Shifter version

All pics – Intrepid