Aussie Update: Friday @ IAME & Rok Cup

Here’s how the Australians are going at the two ‘one make’ finals in Europe this weekend.

At Le Mans, Pierce Lehane has had a heat win and Kip Foster has found some speed in Masters.

Across in Italy, Marcos Flack continues in the top 5 of Mini Rok, where Cody Maynes-Rutty and Joe Fawcett have also been scoring top-1o results.

IAME International Final, Le Mans

  • Pierce Lehane (Tony Kart, IAME Senior): Q1 of 140 (Group A). H1 – 15th, H2 – 6th. H3 – 1st. H4 – 4th.
  • Matthew McLean (Kosmic, IAME Senior): Q122 of 140 (Group B). H1 – 23rd, H2 – 34th. H3 – 21st. H4 – 25th.
  • Kip Foster (Kart Republic, IAME Masters): Q25 of 69 (Group A). H1 – 14th. H2 – 4th.
  • Lachlan Robinson (Tony Kart, IAME Junior): Q87 of 110 (Group C). H1 – 10th, H2 – 7th. H3 – 14th. H4 – 10th.

Full results HERE.

New colours for Kip – “The team have decided to redecorate my kart to celebrate their official partner Petronas and maybe add just a little bit of pressure to me for a result!” (pic – Foster/Facebook)

Remo reports with a video of Pierce’s 4th heat


Rok Cup International, Lonato

  • Lochie Dalton (Super Rok): Q17 of 31. H1 – 17th. H2 – 17th. H3 – 8th. Ranking – 11th.
  • James Wharton (Junior Rok): Q35 of 95 (Group E). H1 – 6th, H2 – 9th. H3 – 30th. H4 – 7th.
  • Christian Mansell (Junior Rok): Q9 of 95 (Group C). H1 – 3rd, H2 – 7th. H3 – 5th. H4 – 22nd.
  • Marcos Flack (Mini Rok): Q2 of 140 (Group F). H1 – 2nd. H2 – 5th. H3 – 3rd.
  • Jimmy Piszcyk (Mini Rok): Q58 of 140 (Group I). H1 – 28th. H2 – 15th. H3 – 10th.
  • Cody Maynes-Rutty (Mini Rok): Q77 of 140 (Group D). H1 – 6th. H2 – 8th. H3 – 11th
  • Joe Fawcett (Mini Rok): Q30 of 140 (Group L). H1 – 8th. H2 – 5th. H3 – 9th.
  • Cadel Ambrose (Mini Rok): Q87 of 140 (Group D). H1 – 11th. H2 – 13th. H3 – 14th.

Full results HERE.

Joe Fawcett is competing in Mini Rok with the Formula K Junior Team ASD By Serafini Racing [pic – Formula K Australia/Facebook]
Video – Rok Cup Day 3 wrap