Round 2 (Final), Queensland Kart Championship

by Kev “The Noise” Davies

Well, the Komatsu 2018 Queensland Kart Championship was one to remember!

  • 3 radio interviews
  • 3 tv interviews
  • 9 lap records broken

And the Mayor of Bundaberg is officially a member of Kev “THE NOISE” Davies team and a Karting fan!

Mayor of Bundaberg Jack Dempsey sporting a Kev “the noise” Davies sticker
The opening ceremony (from left) Bundaberg Kart Club president Ben Stephenson, Mayor of Bundaberg Jack Dempsey, Komatsu representative Bevan Small, Karting Queensland president Brett Aird

Time to move onto the results in what was an amazing weekend of racing.

Cadet 9: sponsored by Kel’s Karts & Parts

New record set by Zcorse driver from Ipswich kart club, “Mad’ Max Walton of 39.838.

For the 2nd round result a fantastic drive in the final saw Max Acquasanta finish just outside the podium in 4th. It was a team Zcorse lock out from there, with #31 Jenson Burns finishing 3rd, #23 Jaxson Burns in 2nd, and a fantastic drive to take the win for round two by #68 “mad” Max Walton.

The top 4 result was actually repeated in the Komatsu 2018 Qld kart championship, Max Walton showing consistent driving was the key finishing every race in front.

4th Max acquasanta 90 points
3rd Jenson Burns 110 points
2nd Jaxson Burns 129 points
1st Max Walton 148 points

Max Walton – new lap record & blue plate winner

Cadet 12: sponsored by Signmax

New lap record set by Marcus flack from Ipswich kart club of 39.176

New lap record holder, Marcos Flack

For the second round result, one of the pre race favourites #60 Carter Mobbs just finished outside the top 3 in what was the only full wet race of the weekend after a late storm hit the Bundaberg track on Sunday. A brilliant drive in the wet from “The Ormeau Flyer Welzie” #25 Jack Wells to get 3rd. Even more impressive was the drive from the Race Wheels Australia entry #28 Lincoln Taylor who hadn’t long moved up into the class. But it was a fantastic win & a dominant display of wet weather driving from #11 Marcos Flack.

In the overall standings for the Komatsu 2018 Qld kart championship, it finished up:

4th Jack Wells 95 points
3rd Lincoln Taylor 106 points
2nd Marcos Flack 125 points
1st Carter Mobbs 126 points

Carter Mobbs just managing to do enough in the final to secure the blue plate by just one point.

Carter Mobbs, blue plate winner

KA4 Junior: sponsored by Bundy Bearings & Industrial Supplies

New lap record set by Kurtis Tennant from Ipswich kart club of 36.839.

For the second round result a great drive from #90 Riley le Garde saw him just miss out on a podium. The first of the podium positions went Corsa apparel driver #58 Annabelle Rolfo which was even more amazing after an early lap incident saw her shuffled right back into the pack. It was #57 Kurtis Tennant who brought his kart home second after a fantastic race long battle with #66 Ryan newton, just hanging on for the win!

Round winner Ryan Newton

Qld Kart Championship overall standings:

4th Brody Sonter 91 points
3rd Riley le garde 100 points
2nd Ryan Newton 133 points
1st Kurtis Tennant 142 points

Kurtis Tennant had done enough to take a very commanding position into the final.

New lap record & blue plate winner, Kurtis Tennant

KA3 Junior: sponsored by Adrian’s Marine

New lap record by “cool hand” Luke Pink from Ipswich kart club of 36.148.

For the second round result it was a story of oh so close for #27 Tommy Mitchell who was just beaten to the first podium position by #45 of Ty Spencer. Coming home second in this one, and well deserved it was too after driving the wheels off the #14 kart, was Bradley Balchin. It was an all weekend display of dominant driving though that secured #49 Luke Pink with the round victory!

In the Komatsu 2018 Qld Kart Championship overall standings:

4th Jacinta Hoey 103 points
3rd Tommy Cooper 106 points
2nd Ty Spencer 112 points
1st Luke Pink 124 points

Absolutely unstoppable all weekend long was “Cool Hand” Luke Pink securing the blue plate and breaking the lap record!

Lap record holder & Blue plate winner Luke Pink

KA3 Senior Light: sponsored by McDonald Murphy Bundaberg

For the second round result #5 Declan Mathews had bad luck this weekend after being one of the fastest on track and brought the kart home in 4th. The first podium spot of 3rd place went to #17 Lewis Herwin after a stellar drive in the final! #21 Joel Jamieson grabbed an excellent 2nd place, but the winner, and he had to fight for it all the way, was #24 Samuel Battye.

In the Komatsu 2018 Qld Kart Championship overall standings:

4rh Daniel Murrell 112 points
3rd Joel Jamieson 121 points
2nd Declan Mathews 122 points
1st Samuel Battye 126 points

Great driving from Samuel Battye not only saw him win the round but also secure enough points to become state champion.

#24 Samuel Battye leads the way and wins the blue plate

KA3 Senior Medium: sponsored by Pro Signs Bundaberg

New lap record set by Kris Walton from Ipswich kart club of 37.105.

For the second round result local Bundaberg driver Wayne Ohl brought his #20 kart home in 4th place which would prove to be very significant. The #5 kart of Isaac Baldry managed a fabulous 3rd place, it was the #68 of Kris Walton coming home second, but an awesome drive from Ricciardo driver #29 “”Cool Hand “ Luke Lane that secured the win!

#29 Luke Lane being congratulated by #68 Kris Walton

In the Komatsu 2018 Qld Kart Championship Overall standings:


4th Chris Jones 80 Points
3rd Isaac Baldry 114 points
2nd Robert Thorburn 116 points
1st Wayne Ohl 118 points

It was oh so close in the championship! In the end Whitsundays driver Robert Thorburn come so so close to getting enough points for the blue plate, but Bundaberg driver Wayne Ohl did enough in the final to hang on by the skin of his teeth and take the Qld kart championship.

The on track battle in the final that would prove to be most significant: top left #20 Wayne Ohl, bottom centre #40 Robert Thorburn

TaG Restricted Light: sponsored by Wessel Petroleum

New lap record set by Paul McNeil from Cooloola kart club of 36.774.

Paul McNeil: new lap record holder

For the second round result local Bundaberg driver #19 Ricky “the rockstar” Paroz very nearly made the podium. Just beating him there, and it would once again prove to be very significant, the #8 Scott Hoffman. In second it was that man #78 Paul McNeil, but taking a fantastic win in the final when the rain started was the Ipswich kart club driver, the #25 Ashley Davies.

Ashley Davies, round 2 winner

In the Komatsu 2018 Qld Kart Championship overall Standings:

4th Ricky Paroz 115 points
3rd Ashley Davies 116 points
2nd Paul McNeil 121 points
1st Scott Hoffman

What a drive from Scott Hoffman who had two bad starts during the weekend requiring him to battle through the field, He did just that in the final to secure 3rd which helped him to the Qld kart championship winning the blue plate by 6 points.

Scott Hoffman being interviewed before going out and securing the blue plate

TaG Restricted Medium: sponsored by Scott Burke Solar

New lap record set by Gladstone Kart Club driver Mathew Walker 37.491.

New lap record holder and blue plate winner, Mathew Walker

In the second round result it was the #24 of Daniel Beveridge who just missed out on the podium getting 4th place, coming home third with a fantastic drive in the final was the sponsor of the class himself #81 Scott Burke. Bringing it home in second and battling all the way to do so was the #28 of Rick Jones, and the winner after also securing the lap record was #22 Mathew Walker.

In the Komatsu 2018 Qld Kart Championship overall standings:

4th Rick jones 103 points
3rd Tony  jones  106 points
2nd Daniel Beveridge 119 points
1st Mathew Walker 140 points

What a drive again from Mathew Walker securing the Blue plate with a points haul of 140!

TaG Light: sponsored by Ken’s Plumbing Bundaberg

New lap record set by Ipswich kart club driver Jordi Marcon, 34.764

New lap record holder and winner of the round: Jordi Marcon

In the second round results #97 Harrison Hoey came oh so close to the podium finishing 4th. Another local Bundaberg driver #17 Troy Loeskow managed to secure 3rd while in 2nd place, after breaking the lap record himself in practice, was yet another Bundaberg driver the #58 James Litzow. After securing the lap record it was a brilliant win for the #42 of Jordi Marcon!

In the Komatsu 2018 Qld Kart Championship overall standings:

4th Jack Bussey 98 points
3rd James Litzow 106 points
2nd Jordi Marcon 106 points
1st Scott Sorensen 107 points

It couldn’t actually have been any closer with 2nd & 3rd finishing on the same points and winner of the blue plate by just a single point the Harrington Doyle driver #2 Scott Sorensen.

Blue plate winner Scott Sorensen

TaG Heavy: sponsored by Bundaberg Marineland

New lap record set by Kris Walton from Ipswich kart club of 35.605

In the second round results #21 Samuel Gerrard just missed out on a podium securing 4th. New lap record holder #68 Kris Walton came home in 3rd which would prove very important. In second place, having enough life in those tyres, was the #16 of Paul Vuichoud. Getting a fabulous win was the ever populous Praga driver #35 Gaven Whitmore.

Round 2 winner Gaven Whitmore

In the Komatsu 2018 Qld Kart Championshio overall standings:

4th Blake Wagner 82 points
3rd Paul Vuichoud 114 points
2nd Gaven Whitmore 137 points
1st Kris Walton 144 points

An awesome drive from Kris Walton, who was running two classes throughout the weekend, secured him the blue plate.

Lap record holder, Kris Walton


Podium presentations

Big thanks to our sponsors of the meeting:

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What a cracker we had. Thanks to all the officials / committee / members / canteen staff / volunteers and competitors.

Kev “ THE NOISE” Davies signing off!

Mayor of Bundaberg Jack Dempsey preferred to put Kev in the seat!

We even had Josh from HouseRules come to watch & support Ricciardo driver Troy Loeskow.
Pictured from left
Josh, Max Acquasanta, Kev “ the noise “ Davies

Komatsu representative Bevan Small with Kev “the noise “ Davies