Team Report: CRG Thirds in France

An intense weekend has been held in Essay (France) in the event that awarded the two European titles of OK and OK-Junior. CRG ended third in the final standings of the OK European Championship with Pedro Hiltbrand and in the European OK-Junior Championship with Gabriel Bortoleto.

Pedro Hiltbrand, OK (pic – Cunaphoto/CRG)

The final balance is positive for CRG, even though it could have been better, but the overall performance of CRG drivers has been very good: Andrea Rosso, Callum Bradshaw and Ayrton Fontecha have always been on top places of heats, as did Kas Haverkort in OK. In Junior, Enzo Trulli, Alfio Andrea Spina (who claimed his maiden win in a heat) and Paolo Gallo (Kalì-Kart) displayed great performances. All in all, the CRG-Tm package has shown a great adaptability to all tracks and conditions.

In OK, Pedro Hiltbrand suffered a technical problem since qualifying practice and had to make up for the lost ground all the way until the retirement in the Final. He managed anyway to end on the third step of the podium of the European Championship, but had not he experienced that initial problem, the Spanish driver of CRG could have aimed to a more prestigious result. In OK, Callum Bradshaw was sixth, while Kas Haverkort had to retire due to a technical problem, as did Andrea Rosso, who was stopped by a contact with Vidales and Maloney.


An excellent result in OK-Junior came again from Gabriel Bortoleto, who got on the podium in France crossing the finish line in a great P3, a result that placed him among the quickest absolute and allowed him to take a deserved third place in the final standings of the European Championship. Enzo Trulli was also among the best of the Final and took a good P9, while Alfio Andrea Spina had to retire after starting from a promising P12. Leonardo Bertini Colla could not qualify for the Final instead.

Gabriel Bortoleto, OK-Junior (pic – Cunaphoto/CRG)

The target of the whole CRG Racing Team is now the double event of the World Championships in September. The KZ and KZ2 World Championship will take place in Genk (Belgium) on September 9th, while the OK and OK-Junior World Championship will be run in Kristianstad (Sweden) on September 23rd.


  • The Final classification of the OK European Championship: 1. Janker points 77; 2. Thompson 64; 3. Hiltbrand 58.
  • The Final classification of the OK-Junior European Championship: 1. Aron points 83; 2. Minì 80; 3. Bortoleto 68.
Podium OK-Junior, Gabriel Bortoleto on the right, Gabriele Minì (middle) and Victor Bernier (left) (pic – Cunaphoto/CRG)