Immediate Licence & Membership Renewals for KA Karters

Karting Australia members can now enjoy the benefits of immediate Licence and Club Membership renewals.

Designed to operate on a variety of platforms – computer, tablet and mobile phone – the recent update will provide even more efficiency for members.

The update to the Competition Management System (CM:S) comes after several months of work combining the different Membership requirements that are in place by Clubs across the country.

“The most recent updates to the CM:S have been some of the biggest that have been undertaken in the past few years while providing a significant amount of benefit to our members,” said Karting Australia CEO Kelvin O’Reilly.


“They allow for all renewals to be processed immediately. No longer will our members need to wait for a Club Secretary to find the time to process a membership renewal. It’s all done automatically online to assist the States and Clubs in streamlining all of their processes and reducing the workload for Office bearers.

“We’ve also been very conscious of the different constitution and membership requirements of the Clubs, which has made this project such a significant one.”

The recent enhancements add to the CM:S updates from earlier this year where the process for new Licences and Club Memberships was made available online and a new 8-day Licence was also introduced.