AKRA’s Wollongong Series Dates

Australian Kart Racers Alliance has published dates for a six round series at the Wollongong Kart Tack (WKT), plus a NSW state title. AKRA’s Nationals will be at Toowoomba in October.

  • R1 WKT- March 25 Sunday
  • R2 WKT- Apr 15 Sunday
  • R3 WKT – June 10 Sunday
  • R4 WKT – Jul 22 Sunday
  • R5 WKT – Sep 16 Sunday
  • R6 WKT – Dec 9 Sunday

AKRA NSW Sprint Kart Championships (Sunday, May 20) – Wollongong Kart Track


AKRA Australian Sprint Kart Championships (October 20/21) – Toowoomba, QLD


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