Newcastle Kicks Off 2018

from Thomas Childs

On Sunday 14th January Newcastle Kart Racing Club held its first round of the Club Championship in overcast conditions. Karters came from as far as Queensland to race in readiness for the 3rd round of the Nationals to be held in Newcastle in May.

This round was run under club competition format No.3 which has competitors having to qualify with all points counting for the day.

Kody Garland (41) took a narrow victory over Oscar Priest (56) in KA3 Senior Light. Here they lead Daniel Austin (29), Jake Horsey (23) and Riley Humphrys (4)
Kody Garland (41) took a narrow victory over Oscar Priest (56) in KA3 Senior Light. Here they lead Daniel Austin (29), Jake Horsey (23) and Riley Humphrys (4) (pic – Flo Searle, Flotography)

Cadet 9/12s were out first, then KA3 followed by KA4 which was saw Harrison Mitchell take out pole for the first time, followed by TaG Restricted Medium, which saw Michael Lawrence take pole. Then it was TaG RH, KA3 Junior, TaG L and TaG RL which saw Sage Murdoch and Royce Sutherland take out pole in their respective classes. Last but not least was KA3 Senior Light.


The weather held off long enough to get all 3 heats completed which saw a lot of great racing before it came time for the finals in which KA3 SL saw a great battle between Oscar Priest and Kody Garland swapping the lead numerous times before Kody Garland took the win in the final, but Priest winning the day due to winning the first 3 heats plus taking out pole. Daniel Austin was 3rd place overall for the day.

KA4 Junior Light winner Riccardo D’Este ahead of Harrison Mitchell (pic – Flo Searle, Flotography)

The other classes were won by:

Cadet 9 – Patrick Buckley
Cadet 12 – 1st Jack Childs, 2nd Jack Wells and 3rd Marshall Crofts
KA3 Senior Medium – 1st Jack Stocker, 2nd Malcolm Inman and 3rd Stephen Hudson
KA4 Junior Light –  1st Riccardo D’Este, 2nd Harrison Mitchell and 3rd Riley Collins
KA4 Junior Heavy – 1st Tyler Brown, 2nd Caleb Di Claudio and 3rd Matthew Barrett
TaG Restricted Heavy – 1st Scott Dalton-Kirby, 2nd Benjamin Powell and 3rd Scott Farrant
TaG Restricted Medium – 1st Michael Lawrence, 2nd Peter Hendry and 3rd Lincoln Kirkness
KA3 Junior  – 1st Thomas Hayman, 2nd Heath Murdoch and 3rd Peter O’Brien
TaG Restricted Light – 1st Benjamin Ford, 2nd Royce Sutherland and 3rd Jack Barrett
TaG Light – 1st Sage Murdoch, 2nd Bailey Walker and 3rd Mach Ford

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Matthew Hill (pic – Flo Searle, Flotography)
(pic – Flo Searle, Flotography)
Thomas Hayman won KA3 Junior (pic – Flo Searle, Flotography)
Logan Dockett looking relaxed (pic – Flo Searle, Flotography)
P-Plater Luke Jamieson in KA4 Junior chased by Caleb Di Claudio (pic – Flo Searle, Flotography)