CIK-FIA ‘Best Of’ 2017

Here are some more of the CIK-FIA’s “Best Of” articles (originally published on the CIK-FIA website. Click HERE to visit the site and read some others):

Luca De Donno: President of WSK Promotion

Promoter of the CIK-FIA Competitions since 2013 as President of WSK Promotion, Luca De Donno wanted to take stock of the 2017 season, as well as of the last five years which have been very important for Karting.

“The 2017 season was positive for the participants with a very clear increase for the OK category and a noticeable increase in KZ2. I also noted a good satisfaction rating from the many competitors who made their appreciation of the different Championships known. We have made good progress in terms of organisation throughout these five years as the CIK-FIA Competitions Promoter.

The success of WSK Promotion is based on a very successful team at all levels and the experience we have accumulated in the various international and national WSK series. The collaboration with the CIK-FIA has also been enriched by better mutual knowledge year after year, to reach a very effective cooperation. I would like to point out that this strong cooperation concerns all sectors of the Competition: press, teams, organisers, CIK-FIA staff and WSK staff. It is always possible to do better, but the current standard of Competitions is really very good.

Luca De Donno (pic – CIK/FIA)

Overall, international categories are on the rise in the world of karting. All of the work done jointly by the various stakeholders is bearing fruit and we can have legitimate hopes for the future of CIK-FIA karting, not only internationally, but also in the national championships. We are in an important period, favourable to these international categories, and everyone must continue to work in this direction.

The experience of these five years as CIK-FIA Competitions Promoter has been very important and very rewarding for us. I am very happy to have experienced it and I thank Jean Todt, the President of the FIA, Shaikh Abdulla bin Isa Al Khalifa, the President of the CIK-FIA and Kees Van De Grint, Vice-President of the CIK-FIA for putting their faith in us.”

Jamie Croxford: Team Forza Racing

The spotlight has landed on Jamie Croxford’s team several times this season. Jonny Edgar first won the CIK-FIA European Junior Championship, then Dexter Patterson won the CIK-FIA World Junior Championship in England in front of his team-mate Christopher Lulham. You must take the opportunity to get to know this 31 year old team boss.

Jamie Croxford on the podium with his Junior World Championship drivers (pic – CIK/FIA)


“I started racing quite late. Several people noticed me like Terry Fullerton, Dean Panrucker of Millennium Motorsport and especially Paul Fletcher, who was decisive for me. I have great memories in Formula A, including my 6th place at the World Championship in Angerville.

“The arrival of KF1 then complicated things. I ended my driving career in early 2009. After two years away from the circuits, my passion was still strong. So I started working as a mechanic and coach in different teams including RFM. I was then offered the chance to lead a team and at the end of the season, several Drivers and mechanics wished to continue with me. That’s what pushed me to create my own team, Forza Racing, six years ago now. With the title of 2012 European Champion with George Russell in KF3, the team has progressively developed.


“We use Exprit chassis and this year we were powered by TM Racing from GFR. Our collaboration proved fruitful! The technical part is of course very important in a team. We must provide the best possible equipment for our Drivers. Forza is very well structured for that. I admit, however, that the human aspect of work fascinates me more. I am very attached to the quality of human relationships. Each personality is different and my approach is not the same with everyone. We must first develop a relationship of mutual trust. We do not necessarily need a lot of words to understand each other. That’s why the team cannot accommodate too many Drivers, no more than six or seven. I’m an emotional person, very passionate, and I’m happy to be able to count on Stewart Gibson , our Team Manager, to restore balance with calm and composure. Our partnership works really well. Mutual respect drives the whole team, and every opinion is important.



“Forza worked very well this year, but it’s ultimately the Drivers who secure the victories and titles. Without their talent, we cannot do anything. A European title and a double in the World is fantastic! This job is very demanding, but as long as the passion for Competition motivates me, I will continue.

“I have neither the desire nor the ambition to grow Forza Racing in number of Drivers. It is obvious that we do not have the same priorities as other larger teams or factories. RFM remains a reference for me, and I share Ricky Flynn’s vision of racing.

Presentation Of The 2017 Season

The 2017 season of the CIK-FIA Championships, Cups and Trophies was organised around 12 Competitions in six categories in nine countries in Europe; Italy, Belgium, Spain, Great Britain, France, Finland, Sweden, Holland and Germany.

Access to the Junior categories is now open to drivers aged between 12 to 14 during the year, the senior categories without gearboxes being accessible from 14 years of age during the year.

The minimum weight of the KZ category has been reduced by 5 kg, from 175 to 170 kg, including the Driver.

The Prefinals and Repechage Heats have been removed. The qualifying stages are now limited to the Qualifying Heats, the number of which has been increased. The Finals have taken on a decisive importance.

The CIK-FIA European Championship and CIK-FIA European Junior Championship took place together over five Competitions, the CIK-FIA European KZ Championship had four Competitions, one more than in 2016. The CIK-FIA Karting Academy Trophy and the CIK-FIA European KZ2 Championship did not change with a season of three Competitions. The World Championships have been decided over single Competitions since 2014.

The Fernando Alonso circuit at Ovideo (ESP) made its debut on the calendar, while that of Mika Salo at Alahärmä (FIN) returned after 14 years of absence. With the CIK-FIA World KZ Championship held at Wackersdorf (DEU), Germany hosted its first World Competition for 40 years.

The CIK-FIA fields grew globally in 2017. The OK category recorded a very strong increase compared to 2016, while OK-Junior maintained its usual figures. The KZ2 category also registered a rise in entries.

The Le Mans (FRA) Competition held from 29th June to 2nd July brought together the largest number of Drivers with 245 participants in four categories.

Five continents and 57 countries were represented over all of the Competitions.

pic – CIK/FIA