Simpler & More Streamlined: New KA Licence Application Procedure

Joining a kart Club and obtaining a Karting Australia drivers licence has been made simpler and faster with the launch of an all new online application process.

A person wanting to take up karting will be able to apply for a licence and hit the track on THE SAME DAY thanks to the new secure online licence application process.

“It is simpler and faster for the karter and simpler for the Club administrators, reducing the workload on Club volunteers. A process that previously could take up to several weeks to complete is now able to be done on-line in just a few minutes,” said Karting Australia CEO Kelvin O’Reilly.

A Safety Training Video and Safety in Karting questionnaire incorporated into the licence application process replaces the Safety Training Assessment that was previously required to be completed in person by a Club Representative.

An Observed Driving Session can be completed during a practice day OR in a practice session at an event – making it even easier to get people on the track. It replaces the Observed Licence Test which previously took weeks to be completed at some Clubs.


The new procedure gives consistent messaging and processes across all Karting Australia Clubs and reduces the workload on Club volunteers.

There is also the option for a person to take out an 8-Day Licence. This allows the applicant to compete in one Club-level event immediately.

In summary, the new licence application processes changes are:

  • Immediate Licence Processing through a secure payment method
  • Secure online Club Membership payments
  • Consistent Safety Message
  • Safety Training Assessment replaced by Safety in Karting video and questionnaire incorporated in the application process
  • Observed Licence Test replaced by an Observed Driving Session (which can be completed in a practice/warm-up at an event)
  • 8-Day Licence available for those who just want to ‘Have a go’

All Karting Australia Licences can be applied for and renewed by clicking HERE.

Above: KA’s new Safety in Karting video for new karters