Western Cup Concludes at Wanneroo


by Frank Viola

Western Cup Round Four – Wanneroo International  Kartway 24th June 2017

The weather was absolutely perfect for a great day and nights racing at Wanneroo International Kartway. It was fairly cold at night, and kart set up changed a little because of the temperature. Some drivers who have been around a few years and are used to tyres with slightly softer tyre wall construction, were caught out a little. They certainly got an idea about how these tyres work in cold weather fairly quickly.

Sportsman KA3 Senior Medium

Scott Foster was able to claim pole position in this class with a 50.336 best lap, almost half a second quicker than Braeden Bowra who stopped the clock at 50.832. He was followed by Jason Carbone with a 51.112.

It looked as is Foster was in a great position for the at least the few heats.

Braeden Bowra was able to win the first heat while pole sitter Foster was shunted down to 5th.This was a result which he was not able to recover from for the rest of the heats, even though he was able to win heats two and three. Bowra was to win the final with a fast finishing Foster probably needing another lap to get by him. The final was a great dice between the two by Foster probably needed a better start to have any chance to win the race,

Final Standings

  1. Braeden Bowra
  2. Scott Foster
  3. Troy Stones
  4. Jayden Pierce
  5. Jye Parham

Overall series result: 1 Braeden Bowra, 2 Nathan Phillips, 3 Jayden Pierce

KA4 Junior Light

Max McCrae was quickest in qualifying with a 50.951, followed by Craig Spencer setting a 50.978 lap time. He was closely followed by Mason Harvey with a lap time of 51.191. So it was fairly close between the top three. In fact, there was hardly much between the top five after the qualifying session.

Max McCrae was the favourite to take out this class after qualifying, but Craig Spencer had other ideas. He won two heats and a second place in the final. It was enough to date the top prize. McCrae was able to come back after a poor first heat to claim second overall.

Final Standings

  1. Craig Spencer
  2. Max McCrae
  3. Hugh MacGuire
  4. Mason Harvey
  5. Jacob De Cerquiera

Overall  series result: 1 Max McCrae, 2 Mason Harvey, 3 Jacob De Cerquiera

Cadet 9

Jackson Mitchell-Rosenauer was just too quick for them in qualifying in this class and topped the session by 1.2 seconds. He was followed by Nash Ferraro and Chase Wildman who were probably scratching their heads in disbelief at that result.

Jackson Mitchell-Rosenauer had a brilliant day. He had a clean sweep of the proceedings. Three heat wins and a win in the final was an excellent result for the young charger. Chase Wildman was able to do just that all day and with the ever improving Aleksandar Stefanovich in third place, the pit crews would have been happy with those results.

Young Aleksander Stefanovich is a very well spoken and intelligent young man. I believe that he is one of the most articulate of the group of young drivers emerging through our Cadets Classes here in W.A.  He only recently won his first race at the Hurricane Go Kart Club. He has made even greater strides since then.

Final Standings

  1. Jackson Mitchell-Rosenauer Max McCrae
  2. Chase Wildman
  3. Aleksander  Stefanovich
  4. Nash Feraro
  5. Cooper Lisle

Overall  series results: 1 Jackson Mitchell-Rosenauer, 2 Nash Ferraro, 3 Chase Wildman

KA 3 Junior

Damon Pappasergio in his Tony Kart was able to secure the top spot after qualifying in this class a 49.001. Jake Sawyer was definitely in the hunt with a 49.283 and so was Keiren Ellis with a 49.653 second lap time.

The only blemish in Damon Pappasergio’s day were a second places in the third heat and final. Until then he had had a perfect run.  Jake Sawyer and Ryan Bender shared the top spot in the third heat and Final respectively.

Final Standings

  1. Damon Pappaserigio
  2. Jake Sawyer
  3. Ryan Bender
  4. Kieren Ellis
  5. Flynn Thompson

Overall  series result: 1 Flynn Thompson, 2 Kieren Ellis, 3 Jake Sawyer

KA3 Senior Heavy

The qualifying in this class was extremely close with Bayley Bell topping the charts with a time of 48.147, followed by Guy Webster, Ben D’Limi, Jay Bunton and Brad Fitch. The top ten were covered by less than 6 tenths of a second.

A couple of wins and second places were just the ticket for Guy Webster as he was able to secure a will deserved win in this class. Bayley Bell had a DNF in the third heat and that had a disastrous effect on his day. His first heat win was the perfect result for the pole man, but the second heat result was not part of the plan for the day. He was able to recover lost ground in the final two races, but they were not enough to secure a podium.

Ben D’Limi had a difficult day after his good qualifying session and was to finish out of the reckoning as well. Jake Burton had a difficult first heat, but things improved for him as the day progressed. He was able to secure a second place finish with two second places and a win in the final.

Final Standings

  1. Guy Webster
  2. Jake Burton
  3. Bayley Bell
  4. Mitchell Skeafe
  5. Thomas McPherson

Overall  series result: none available

Sportsman KA3 Senior Light

Thomas Shou was able to get it right in qualifying and he topped the list this time with a time of 49.175. He was followed by Zac Needham and Ashley Morrissey who were both less than a quarter of a second behind.

After qualifying in second place, things got better for Zac Needham. Wins in the first two heats and the final were excellent results for him. Ashley Morrisey had a deserved win in the third heat while Needham slipped to third. James Howe’s best result for the day was a second place in the third heat.

Final Standings


  1. Zac Needham
  2. Ashley Morissey
  3. James Howe
  4. Thomas Shou
  5. Shae Thompson

Overall  series result: 1 Thomas Shou, 2 Ashley Morrisey,  3 James Howe

Cadet 12

The largest class at this meeting and James Miccucci-Allen got it spot on in qualifying and was able to grab the top spot. Jet Demarte with a new OTK Tony Kart must have been pleased with the second quickest time. He was followed by Jack Clohessy, Ethan Brown and Lucca Nici.  Less than six tenths of a second covered the top ten drivers. The final round for this class was looking like it was going to provide some great action.

The racing was fast and furious and typically full of incidents. The boys put on a great show. The two drivers at the  top of the qualifying sheets James Miccuci-Allen and Jett Demarte had a more difficult time in the heats, but they were both to show there great driving skills during the day.

Lucca Nici was a little disappointed with qualifying, but was able to come out with all guns blazing in the heats with three wins and a second place. Joshua Burne had a great day with a best result, a win in heat two. His remaining results included two second places and a third to take how the second place trophy. Jack Clohessy climbed back from a disastrous 12th place in heat 2 to claim third place on the day.

Final Standings

  1. Luca Nicci
  2. Joshua Burne
  3. Jack Clohessy
  4. Ethan Traeger
  5. Jett Demarte

Overall  series result: 1 Caleb Sumich, 2 Joshua Byrne, 3 Jack Clohessy


Jake Klarich topped the times with a very quick time of 46.716, but Joshua Merrit showed him that he was not going to have it all his own way with a very quick 46.777. Tyler Spouse-Nastasi also threw his hat in the ring with a very respectable 46.985. The top ten drivers in this class were not separated by too much, seven tenths of a second to be more precise.

These lads always provide some great action and it was going to be no different this time.

Jake Klarich showed all day just why he has progressed to higher levels of motorsport by just being too quick for everyone else in the class.  The only other driver to complete laps in the 46 second bracket was Dan Currey.

The racing was incredible, as seven different drivers were able to claim top three finishing positions in the heats and final. DNF’s cost many drivers in this class with Peter Newland perhaps being the unluckiest driver on the day.

Consistent results through-out the day were enough to give him a great starting position in the final. His times during the heats were showed that he would be able to challenge Klarich and Currey for a podium finish. Unfortunately, problems on lap six of the final caused him to fall through the field and claim a poor 10th position.

Final Standings

  1. Jake Klarich
  2. Daniel Currey
  3. Ben Harders
  4. Hayden Patrizzi
  5. Mitchell Perrella

Overall  series result: none available

KA4 Junior Heavy

Jacob De Cerquiera, Max Whiting and Kieren Ellis provided the top three spots in qualifying for this class. It was not a large class, only eight drivers fronted the starter for the first heat.

The only blemish in Jacob De Cerquiera’s day was a third place in the third heat. Other than that he was able to dominate the day’s racing. Max Whiting had a good win in the third heat and Caprice hall was able to take advantage of a DNF for Kieren Ellis in the final to take out third place overall.

Final Standings

  1. Jacob De Cerquiera
  2. Max Whiting
  3. Caprice Hall

Overall  series result: 1 Jacob De Cerquiera, 2 Max Whiting,  3 Kieren Ellis

TaG 125 Restricted Light

Another small class, but none the less competitive than the other larger classes.  This time Thomas Bowsher got it right with a lap time of 50.496 followed by Daniel Sprague with 50.901. Michael Clarke was the best of the rest in third place after qualifying. It was great to see father and son Michael Clarke and Daniel Clarke battling it out in the same class on the day. You don’t get to see a father and son racing against each other too often. This was a special treat for the spectators.

Bowsher and Sprague shared the wins in this class, but the highlight of the racing was the close racing between the Clarke family drivers.  It was a delight to see and Michael Clarke was an extremely happy father after several great dices with his son Daniel. 

Final Standings

  1. Thomas Bowsher
  2. Daniel Sprague
  3. Michael Clark

Overall  series result: 1 Thomas Bowsher,  2 Bruce Skyring, 3 Dylan Kowal

TaG 125 Restricted Medium

Peter TenBroeke turned the clock back about twenty five years by grabbing pole position with a time of 51.276 and it showed that the old dog has plenty of laps left in him. He was able to grab pole from Nathan King, albeit by one tenth of a second, but pole position it was. Troy Stewart was third, also only marginally behind with a time of 51.463.

Once again the top ten were covered by less than a second. It certainly goes to show that the “new “engines are proving to do and be, just what they were intended to do.

King and Stewart were able to get the upper hand in the heats after Ten Broek qualified on pole. They shared wins in the heats and final.

Ten Broek had a good day with consistent results along with Brad Smith and fellow veteran John Brennan.  Another veteran, Gavin Kennedy, who has been racing for even longer, also had a good consistent set of results.

Final Standings

  1. Nathan King
  2. Troy Stewart
  3. Peter Ten Broek
  4. Brad Smith
  5. John Brennan

Overall  series result: 1 Gavin Kennedy, 2 John Ray, 3 Grahame Westling

Tag 125 Light

The top 20 drivers in this class were covered by less than 1.5 seconds. It was a brilliant result for the class and all the drivers. The racing also proved to be extremely close as well.

Corey Minton stopped the clock with a 47.106 second lap. Ben Harders with a 47.162, Kip Foster 47.183 Sam Dicker 47.203, Adam Levi 47.277, Harrison Oddie, 47.313 and Daryl Henderson with a 47.394 second lap time, all had to be mentioned because there was just nothing between them.

This class brings back the memories of the old Clubman Heavy days. This is probably the class to win these days. It was a fantastic battle all day, but the old master won out in the end.

Kip Foster had a difficult tussle with some of the best young drivers in the state. Ben Harders and Samuel Dicker are great drivers. Foster used to race against Dicker’s father and used to beat him too (most times).

Wins in the second and third heat for Foster set up a great duel between him, Harders and Dicker.  In the end, it was Sam Dicker who was able to challenge him in the end.

Dicker had to come from behind after some average results in the first few heats, buy when it counted, he came through with the goods to challenge Foster.

Final Standings


  1. Kip Foster
  2. Ben Harders
  3. Samuel Dicker
  4. Adam Levi
  5. Harrison Oddie

Overall  series result: 1 Samuel Dicker, 2 Darryl Henderson, 3 Tyler Spouse-Nastasi