Regulated 4% Performance Difference For Tyres

A 4% performance difference between the Prime and Option tyre in CIK-FIA competition is one of the karting decisions handed down at the recent FIA World Motor Sport Council meeting in Geneva.

The homologation regulations will stipulate there needs to be a 4% time difference between the “prime” and “option” tyres from each manufacturer.

This is a significant difference. On a track with a lap time of 60 seconds, 4% equates to 2.4s – that’s a lot of extra (or less) grip.

The application of this homologation will be 01/01/2018, therefore it concerns the next CIK-FIA tyre homologation period from 2020 onwards.


With the aim of creating a common basis for regulations between various countries, homologations will be introduced for Minikart chassis, plus their bodywork, bumpers and engines.

There was no mention of creating any CIK-FIA Championships, Cups or Trophies for the Minikart category.

Further, options for homologation of chassis, engines, brakes, carburettors and bodywork are no longer permitted. However, it will be permitted to homologate an engine with two pistons (two different segments) and to homologate a brake with two different disc sizes. This amendment will concern the next homologation period with a validity from 01/01/2019.