Top Kart In 2019

Top Kart Australia has stock of the 2019-spec chassis for the TaG and KA classes – Top Kart Dreamer (referred to as SR30.1 in USA).

Anodised billet pedals and heel rests
Magnesium front hubs and Sniper caster/camber adjusters as standard
Brake caliper bolts to the bearing cassette therefore moves in unison with the axle when changing ride-height

Top Kart Australia
Doc Pearson
0409 565 483
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia


Dealer inquiries welcome!


  • Chassis Tubing: 30mm (32mm Front Rail)
  • Wheelbase: 1050mm
  • Axle: 50mm – ORO (Gold) Medium
  • Stubs: D.25 / 10.5° x 10mm King Pin
  • Stub Axle Adjustment: Sniper
  • Front Torsion: Metal Torsion Bar (2 stiffness settings)
  • Brakes: Caliper Ven09 – Disc Ven11 – Complete Floating System
  • Wheels: Magnesium Low Volume 132/212mm
  • Rear Hubs: Magnesium L-98mm
  • Front Hubs: Magnesium L-92mm

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