Vale Jim Morton

  19 December 2014

The karting and motorsport worlds awoke this morning with one less good man in their ranks. Jim Morton has passed away.

The highly respected Morton was involved with many of Australia's well known racing names in their formative years, mostly via his karting team, but also when he entered a car in the V8 Development series.

A former racer himself, Morton was instrumental in organising the televised Castrol International Kart Prix meetings in the mid 80s before becoming the DAP importer and setting a new benchmark for professionalism and presentation in karting.

He then became the importer of Tony Kart and ran the local team at all the big events of the time. Friends and rivals will forever remember Italian opera at full noise blaring out of the Tony Kart truck on race morning!

  • speedcafe has published a tribute with words from some of the people that Jim worked with early in their racing careers. Read it HERE.

Thoughts are with wife Janelle, daughters Nadine & Jessica and their many friends and family.

Funeral arrangements will be advised once known.

Above: Jim (centre, front) with L-R Derek Auty (DAP team driver 92/3), Angelo Parrilla (owner of DAP), Tim Pauling (DAP team driver 90/91) and fifteen time Australian Champion John Pizarro at the Australian Vintage Kart Prix Gala Dinner in March of this year
pic - Morton/facebook


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