Sabré Cook - The Girl of KZ

CRG team PR 18 October 2014

The American from Colorado, Sabré Cook, has been racing in Sarno on CRG-Maxter run by CRG works team at the CIK-FIA International Super Cup ZK2 ;ast weekend. She got the luxury of challenging the best kart drivers in the world of KZ2 and managed to qualify for the Final.

Despite the Super Cup name, Sarno's event for the gearbox smaller category has been a real World Championship that has seen 96 drivers at the start, most of which entered by works teams, coming from 21 different countries. Most of these came from European countries like Italy, Czech Republic, Germany, Denmark, Holland, Sweden, Poland, Great Britain, Belgium, Spain, Austria, France, Estonia, Switzerland, Portugal and Russia, but others came also from other places where karting is not such popular like United States, Brazil, Venezuela, Australia and Canada.

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Since when KZ2 has had a World Cup back in 2011 and 2012 – race that has been renamed CIK-FIA International KZ2 Super Cup in 2013 – Sabré Cook is the first female karting driver to earn a place among the top 34 drivers partaking in the world final.

Sabré Cook's comment at the end of her experience in the International KZ2 Super Cup:

“This weekend was definitely good learning experience and I was really excited I could make it to the final, even though I did not have the best starting position. I was just excited for being into the top 34 drivers. I think I could have given a good fight but unfortunately the motor blew up after the first lap and a half. You know, it happens sometimes, it is frustrating but I am really glad I could get the experience even though it maybe did not go the way I wanted. KZ2 is very difficult, very challenging. Racing mentality over here is very different from the US, it is a lot much more aggressive. It was a big adjustment for me. Drivers are crazy sometimes in Europe, but it is good because they pushed me to get better and I definitely needed that this year so I am glad I came here. This guys are just amazing drivers.”

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The result obtained by Sabré Cook in Sarno highlighted the very good competitiveness shown since qualifying and heats. Prefinal has been crucial as the precious P17 allowed the American driver place herself into the top 34 drivers that got to compete in the Final. In other words, Sabrè enjoyed the luxury of sending “home” early 68 rivals, plus all those eliminated in the heats. Unfortunately, a trivial problem to the spark plug of her kart made Sabrè retire early on in the Final, but the overall performance still remains very good.

Sabré Cook has recently started competing in single seater racing and has already claimed several wins in US Karting with team CRG USA, among the others she won in S2 at Las Vegas, and now is the first girl gaining access to the Final in a world championship KZ2 karting event.

pic - Cunaphoto/CRG

pic - CRG

pic - CRG


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