Red Plates Awarded At Australasian Kart Titles

by Mitchell McLellan 7 October 2014

The annual Australasian Kart Titles were held at Numurkah, Vic, a couple of weeks ago. Event commentator Mitchell McLellan provided KartSportNews with this report of Sunday's finals. Results are on KA CMS.

Sportsman Restricted Light

Moore led away off pole position after a dominating weekend from Anagnostiadis and Holmes. Thomas Hickman the defending champion started to make his move through the field starting to close in on Holmes in third. It was all about Stefan Moore who cleaned sweeped the weekend and took his maiden plate. Anagnostiadis had a lonely race in second with Holmes holding on in third. Hickman right behind in fourth followed by Justin Carless.

Clubman Heavy

Thomas led off the start from the battle for second between Aitken and Dean. Aitken started to challenge the back of Thomas a couple of laps into the twenty lap final before a mistake cost Aitken the spot to Dean. It looked as though we were going to have another clean sweep for the weekend when heartbreak struck Thomas! Four laps to go Thomas out of the race with Dean coming through for an unlikely victory. Aitken came home in second followed by Bonacci and Meadows.

Junior Max

Ford leads away from Alger and Flood. Flood made an immediate move into the infield to go up into second spot giving Ford an early break. Ford pulled away from the field all race to take the red plate. Flood and Alger had a great battle with Flood hanging on to second spot. Fyfe came home in fourth ahead of Mclean in fifth.

Junior Clubman

Fallon leads away of the line from Jackson and Taylor Stenner slotting into third. This was another convincing win where Fallon drove away in the lead to take the win. A sensational battle for third between Stenner, Clapham and Meadows. Clapham and Stenner both had a turn in the later laps with Clapham coming out on top from Stenner and Meadows.

TaG 125 Light

Cornfoot gets a great start and leads off the line from Bantick and Lear. Cornfoot showed superior pace in the early stages with a great battle between Bantick and Lear extending his lead. Lear finally was able to make the move around mid-race. All the damage was done though with Cornfoot taking a convince win from Lear and Bantick. James Dean come home with another top five in fourth spot with Michael Carless coming home in fifth.


Prince leads away off the line from Best and Fraser. Prince and Best were trading fast times earlier in the race when Prince then started to opening up the gap with Best starting to fall back into the clutches of Critchton in third. Four drivers then battled for the minor spots with Best, Critchton, Fraser and Williams all in the hunt. Best ran wide in the infield with four laps to go dropping him back to fifth. Prince took a convincing win over Critchton and Williams. Fraser came home in fourth ahead of a recovering Best for fifth.

TaG 125 Heavy

Dodman leads away off pole from Miller who got a good start and O’neill in position three. Dodman opens up the margin as he had all weekend with O’neill pushing hard to catch up to Miller. Dodman steams home to clean sweep the weekend. Miller hung on for second ahead of O’neill. Meadows came home in position four ahead of Aitken.

Junior National Light

Junior National Light was definitely the race off the day with Doria leading off pole from Meadows and Archer in third. Westerveld after starting eighth had made his way to second after a few laps with Venables recovering as well after getting a shocking start. The second half of the race is where the action started as Westerveld made his move with Doria passing him straight back. Venables then tried a move on Westerveld but come unstuck turning around out turn 1. Westerveld then went back to the lead with Meadows trying to go through as well him an Doria come together. Westerveld held on in a crazy few final laps from Fitchett and Archer. Doria recovered for fourth ahead of Mclean in fifth.

Sportsman Restricted Heavy

Keep got a great start of pole and led away from Sim and Morrow. Keep drove off into the distance with all the top five runners being spread out besides a late charge from Morrow in third. Keep takes the win from Sim and Morrow. Blackney come home in fourth ahead of De Stefano in fifth.

Clubman Light

Steel leads off the line from Talty and Capek slotting into third. Steel leads the early stages of the final before Talty made his move into the lead in the infield section. Steel straight back through into turn one the next time through. Steel was able to hold a small margin all race long until the final few laps were Talty closed in. Talty made a final lap pass move to take the win ahead of Steel in second and Capek in position three.

TaG Over 40s

Harvey leads away from the field with the pace setter all weekend Milthorpe going back abit of the start. Milthorpe makes his way back up to second spot and tries to go in chase of Harvey. Harvey and Milthorpe started trading fastest laps with Harvey always being able to hold a small margin. Harvey was able to hang on to take the win from Milthorpe in second. Branson rounded out the podium in position three.

Junior National Heavy

Donald leads away from the start with Alger making a move straight away into the infield. A three way battle in the early stages between Alger, Donald and Mcculloch all having a shot at taking the lead before Fallon closed in on the battle. Fallon made a decisive move on Donald and was able to pull away from that front group. Fallon was able to take the win and double up at the Australasian Kart Titles. Mcculloch held off Donald to win the battle for second spot with Donald coming out in third.

Restricted Over 40s

Buck led away off the line from Campbell and Whitwam in position three. The top three pulled away and were all nose to tail until Campbell made the move on Buck in the early stages. Campbell was able to open up the margin with Buck now in a good battle with Whitwam. Buck started to close in on the defending champion but wasn’t able to close in as Campbell defended his Australasian Kart Title from Buck and Whitwam.

Sportsman Restricted Super Heavy

Sloan leads away from Jackman and Stephen Kerwood in position three. Kerwood made his move for second spot and looked to chase after Sloan in the lead. Jackman made his way back through on Kerwood and this was enough to open up a commanding margin for Sloan who went on to take the win from Jackman and Kerwood.


Larkin leads away off the line with Hanson slotting into second. The two state champions swapped the lead in the early stages as a five kart train developed with Webster, Allen and Harvey closing in on the front two. A game changing moment came in the race when Hanson was taken out of the race due to an accident with back markers. Allen dropped off the front pack and Larkin was able to hang on for the win ahead of Webster and Harvey.


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