Harper Wins Launceston's Phil Goss Memorial

by Stuart Lee 6 October 2014

Adrian Harper claimed the Phil Goss Memorial race at the Launceston Kart Club on the weekend, in what many spectators and drivers have called one of the greatest races they have witnessed.

Launceston's Harper diced corner after corner and lap after lap with Smithton's Stuart Wells, the pair changing the lead no less than 35 times in the 20 lap race with Harper taking the lead for the final time on the second last corner to take the well deserved win. Third across the line was another LKC member in Robert Green.

Above: Adrian Harper (39), Ben Davey (25), Robert Green (66), Stuart Wells (66)
pic - LKC

In the other feature classes that made up the Ambulance Private Sponsored J Feature, Gemma Wyllie made it back to back wins in Senior National Light after a race long battle with Jackson Evans and Jade Waddington.

Senior National Heavy was won by Steven Wrigley from Jake Rice and Evan Livingston with an unlucky Alastair Lee just missing the podium after battling for the lead on the last lap.

Over 40 Pro was similar to the Phil Goss Memorial however this time Stuart Wells had the better of Adrian Harper and Freddy Cocca. Over 40 Super Heavy was won by Scott Wrigley after he and Troy Sheahen had a ding dong battle all day, third on the day was Allan Sheahen.


Cadets: 1st Ethan Wyllie 2nd Fletcher Bellars 3rd Xavier Renshaw
Junior National Light: 1st Kurtis Love 2nd Mitchell Kerrison 3rd Harry Ward
Junior National Heavy: 1st Jackson Callow 2nd Lachlan Newman 3rd Lewis Robinson
TAG Restricted Light: 1st Kayde Donnelly 2nd Jade Westbrook 3rd Alex Judd
TAG Restricted Heavy: 1st Jacob Morris 2nd James Fitch 3rd Thomas Diprose
Clubman Heavy: 1st Jack Pickett 2nd Alastair Lee 3rd Cameron Robinson
TAG Pro: 1st Jake Rice 2nd Troy Stone 3rd Jade Waddington
Senior National Light: 1st Gemma Wyllie 2nd Jackson Evans 3rd Jade Waddington
Senior National Heavy: 1st Steven Wrigley 2nd Jake Rice 3rd Evan Livingston
Over 40 Pro: 1st Stuart Wells 2nd Adrian Harper 3rd Freddy Cocca
Over 40 Super Heavy: 1st Scott Wrigley 2nd Troy Sheahen 3rd Allan Sheahen
Phillip Goss Memorial: 1st Adrian Harper 2nd Stuart Wells 3rd Robert Green


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