Tarquini to Verstappen: CRG's Gearbox World Champions

  5 October 2014

CRG (in its former guise of Kali Kart) won its first gearbox karting World Championship in 1984 with Gabriele Tarquini at the wheel. Its most recent success was last year with Max Verstappen, the 16-year old Dutch driver taking CRG's eleventh world title at the KZ World Championship. Next weekend at Sarno, CRG will be looking for another title at the KZ World Championship and the International Super Cup for KZ2. The team issued the following press release.

Gabriele Tarquini winning in "Formula C' in 1984
Above: Gabriele Tarquini winning in "Formula C' in 1984
pic - CRG

CRG press release

The final round of the 2014 CIK-FIA World Championships season will involve the KZ World Championship and the KZ2 International Super Cup to be held next 12 October in Sarno. Among the main protagonists, CRG has always been a leader in this category taking on track a lot of champions, starting from Gabriele Tarquini back in 1984 to Max Verstappen in 2013.

CRG historically got a lot of success winning 11 titles including World Championships, World Cups with shifter karts in the categories Formula C, Super ICC, KZ1 and KZ2, plus 25 titles won with direct drive karts, setting the absolute record of 36 titles since 1984.


The long series of CRG titles in World Championships with shifter karts started in 1984 with Gabriele Tarquini in Formula C on Kalì-Kart/Balen/Dunlop. The Italian driver claimed the first win for CRG on September 9th at the track of Axamo in Sweden, in the very same year that CRG and Jorn Haase won the world title with direct drive karts at the Formula K World Championship held in Liedolsheim (Germany), this time on Kalì-Kart/Komet/Dunlop.

The following year, Piermario Cantoni on Kalì-Kart/Balen/Dunlop, won the World Championship of Formula C in Laval, France, on September 1st 1985.

In 1989 Gianluca Giorgi awarded CRG with a nice Formula C win in Czech Republic on September 3rd in Olomouc, on Kalì-Kart powered by Kalì fitting Dunlop tires.

Above: Danilo Rossi winning in "Formula C', 1992 (check out the two-wheeling kart behind!)
pic - CRG

CRG continued to be absolute protagonist. In 1992 the fourth world title of Formula C was brought to the team by Danilo Rossi, on CRG/Pavesi/Dunlop, on September 6th in Mariembourg (Belgium).

The following year, that is 1993, the three times world champion with other brands Alessandro Piccini, was victorious with CRG in the World Championship held at the Italian circuit of Val Vibrata, race run on September 5th on Kalì Kart/Pavesi/Dunlop.

From 2003 the title for shifter karts became World Cup but the substance did not change, the strongest drivers in the world kept challenging each other on shifter karts, that are the most performing karts and those with the highest number of fans.

In 2007 CRG started Jonathan Thonon's era in a winning CRG-Maxter couple on September 2nd at the KZ1 World Cup of Sarno.

Above: Team celebrations of Jonathan Thonon's KZ1 World Championship victory in 2011
pic - CRG

Thonon repeated himself with another win in France in 2008 at the race held in Varennes on September 7th, again in KZ1, on CRG/Maxter/Dunlop.

Thonon won again in Sarno's World Cup of 2009 on CRG/Maxter/Dunlop, obtaining in this way the third world title in a row.

The Belgian Champion in force at CRG secured the fourth win in the KZ1 World Championship in 2011 on September 4th at Genk (Belgium), at the end of a spectacular comeback race won at the sprint to the line by Thonon on CRG/Maxter/Dunlop

In 2012 Jordon Lennox-Lamb won the KZ2 World Cup in Sarno on CRG/Maxter/Vega, as CRG celebrated the 10th world title with shifter karts.

Above: Jordon Lennox-Lamb, 2012
pic - CRG

2013 has been Max Verstappen's year. The young Dutch driver awarded CRG with the eleventh world title at the KZ World Championship on CRG/Tm/Bridgestone, on September 22nd in Varennes (France). In the occasion, Verstappen, not yet 16 years old, set a new record for being the youngest World Champion of the category.


Edition 2014 of the World Championship is scheduled in Sarno from 9 to 12 October. CRG works team will be composed by Davide Forè, Jordon Lennox-Lamb, Felice Tiene and Jorrit Pex in KZ. The colors of the Italian firm will be defended by Fabian Federer, Pedro Hiltbrand, Sidney Gomez, Sabré Cook, Giovanni Martinez, André Reinhard and Joey Winsett in KZ2 instead.

Above: This year, he made his debut Formula One appearance with Torro Rosso. Last year, Max Verstappen won the 2013 KZ World Championship
pic - CRG

CRG Honours In KZ: CIK-FIA World Championship KZ (and similar categories)

2013: Max Verstappen (NL), KZ, CRG / TM / Bridgestone
Varennes, 22.09.13

2012: Jordon Lennox-Lamb (GB), KZ2 (World Cup), CRG / Maxter / Vega
Sarno, 02.09.12

2011: Jonathan Thonon (B), KZ1 (World Cup), CRG / Maxter / Dunlop
Genk, 04.09.11

2009: Jonathan Thonon (B), KZ1 (World Cup), CRG / Maxter / Dunlop
Sarno, 06.09.09

2008: Jonathan Thonon (B), KZ1 (World Cup), CRG / Maxter / Dunlop
Varennes, 07.09.08

2007: Jonathan Thonon (B), KZ1 (World Cup), CRG / Maxter / Dunlop
Sarno, 02.09.07

1993: Alessandro Piccini (I), FC 125 cc, CRG-Kalì-Kart / Pavesi / Dunlop
Val Vibrata, 05.09.93

1992: Danilo Rossi (I), FC 125 cc, CRG / Pavesi / Dunlop
Mariembourg, 06.09.92

1989: Gianluca Giorgi (I), FC 125 cc, CRG-Kalì-Kart / Kalì-Kart / Dunlop
Olomouc, 03.09.89

1985: Piermario Cantoni (I), FC 125 cc, CRG-Kalì-Kart / Balen / Dunlop
Laval, 01.09.85

1984: Gabriele Tarquini (I), FC 125 cc, CRG-Kalì Kart / Balen / Dunlop
Axamo, 09.09.84


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