State Championships Pole Positions

  4 October 2014

Pole position for tomorrow's finals at the WA State Championships in Geraldton belongs to:

Junior National Light – Bailey Grech
Clubman Super Heavy – Anthony Higgs
Cadets – Jay Hanson
X30 Heavy – Simon Gwilliam
Junior National Heavy – Ben Harders
Senior National – Thomas Gray
Clubman Light – Alex Waters
Rookies – Jack Harders
Clubman Heavy – Matt Davis
X30 Light – Aiden Passmore
Junior Clubman – Ben Harders
Over 40s – Shane McPherson
Open – Tyler Peel

Pole position for tomorrow's finals at the NSW State Championships in Grenfell belongs to:

X30 Light – Pierce Lehane
Junior Clubman – Cody Gillis
X30 Heavy – Brendan Nelson
Clubman Light – James Sera
Junior National Light – Dylan Hollis
Rookies – Jack Doohan
Senior National – Jason Newman
Junior National Heavy – Cody Donald
Clubman Super Heavy – Scott Simpson
Clubman Heavy – Shay Mayes

Full results from both events are ging on KA CMS.


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