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2015-2020 CIK-FIA Homologations

  1 October 2014

The CIK-FIA has published the chassis/bodywork/brake homologations for the period 2015-2020. The list below (PDF version HERE) is provisional, subject to homologation inspections.

As ever, it's always an intersting read to see what manufacturers (Applicant column) produce which kart brands (Make column). Kart360 is reporting a rumour that Armando Filini (formerly of ART GP) has found investors to start a new chassis brand (Croc) that will be built by Emme Racing SAS (Emme was the manufacturer that built the ART chassis).

The list also confirms the new Ricciardo Kart has been designated the DR01.

Key to the colours:

  • BLUE - chassis
  • GREEN - bodywork
  • RED - brakes