AIDKA Set For Biggest Ever Nationals

  28 August 2014

Who says karting is in decline? That's certainly not the case for the Australian Independent Dirt Kart Association which has just announced that this year's AIDKA Nationals will be the biggest ever with 363 nominations across the thirteen classes. The event takes place at Loxton, South Australia, from October 3 to 5.

Nominations (class, driver, club):

100 Open - 25

100 Open Burford Mark Adelaide
100 Open Bevan Jared Busselton
100 Open Billing Brett Tatiara
100 Open Brown Ben Angas
100 Open Caruso Joseph Adelaide
100 Open Chalmers Joe Lucindale
100 Open Dalwood Brad Angas
100 Open Eastley Adam Adelaide
100 Open Gibb James Morgan
100 Open Haywood Adrian Great Southern
100 Open Ingerson Wade Adelaide
100 Open Koch kobi Loxton
100 Open Orr Joe Alice Springs
100 Open Rodda Chad Port Pirie
100 Open Ryan Josh Renmark
100 Open Turner Nic Lucindale
100 Open Walker Lisa Angas
100 Open Walton Nathan Dirt Trackers
100 Open Wenske Daniel Morgan
100 Open Connor Bradley Alice Springs
100 Open Hammerstein Zachary Loxton
100 Open Kendrick Hayden Angas
100 Open Manual Brett Loxton
100 Open Joannou Tyson Renmark
100 Open Olivastri Daniel Morgan

125 Heavy - 37

125 Heavy Afford Ryan Angas
125 Heavy Billing Brett Tatiara
125 Heavy Brock Luke Tatiara
125 Heavy Burford Mark Adelaide
125 Heavy Buzza Ashly Desert Dirt
125 Heavy Chalmers Bryden Lucindale
125 Heavy Chinnery Glen Busselton
125 Heavy Crabb Darran Yorke Peninsula
125 Heavy Dungey Scott Angas
125 Heavy Eastley Adam Adelaide
125 Heavy Falland Keke Loxton
125 Heavy Farrow Haydyn Adelaide
125 Heavy Fowler Max Great Southern
125 Heavy Hembling Bradley Loxton
125 Heavy Howard Shane Desert Dirt
125 Heavy Koch kobi Loxton
125 Heavy Nottle Rob Tatiara
125 Heavy Pearson Rob Alice Springs
125 Heavy Redden Chris Tatiara
125 Heavy Rempel Ryan Busselton
125 Heavy Rodda Chad Port Pirie
125 Heavy Round Peter Morgan
125 Heavy Rowlands Ian Lucindale
125 Heavy Sloan Justin Adelaide
125 Heavy Stephens Brett Blanchetown
125 Heavy Stirling Adam Angas
125 Heavy Tucker Chloe Angas
125 Heavy VanderWoude Paul Loxton
125 Heavy Walton Nathon Dirt Trackers
125 Heavy Debrenni Jamie Alice Springs
125 Heavy Cortolezzis Rob Renmark
125 Heavy Rowe Darren Angas
125 Heavy Lintern Matthew Blanchetown
125 Heavy Remphrey Paul Blanchetown
125 Heavy White Anthony Alice Springs
125 Heavy Geerts Bradley Morgan
125 Heavy Burford Michael Adelaide

125 Light - 28

125 Light Batterham Tia Weipa
125 Light Brown Ben Angas
125 Light Browne Hayden Busselton
125 Light Bull Louis Lucindale
125 Light Chalmers Joe Lucindale
125 Light Chinnery Glen Busselton
125 Light English Thomas Angas
125 Light Gibb James Morgan
125 Light Hammond Brad Angas
125 Light Hembling Bradley Loxton
125 Light Hughes Luke Great Southern
125 Light Ingerson Wade Adelaide
125 Light Jamieson Josh Adelaide
125 Light Kervers Jake Angas
125 Light Lutze Chantelle Adelaide
125 Light Pickering Wade Jenna
125 Light Powell Jake Morgan
125 Light Strother Joshua Tatiara
125 Light Walker Lisa Angas
125 Light Walton Nathan Dirt Trackers
125 Light Wenske Daniel Morgan
125 Light Allchin Adam Renmark
125 Light Hammerstein Kym Loxton
125 Light Szach Keaton Angas
125 Light Heinrich Joel Angas
125 Light Diblasi Christopher Busselton
125 Light McCauley Sharon Blanchetown
125 Light Joannou Tyson Renmark

200 Open - 17

200 Open Brown Ben Angas
200 Open Burford Mark Adelaide
200 Open Fowler Max Great Southern
200 Open Haywood Adrian Great Southern
200 Open Heinrich Barry Morgan
200 Open Hughes Luke Great Southern
200 Open Inglis James Great Southern
200 Open Robinson John Renmark
200 Open Round Peter Morgan
200 Open Connor Tony Alice Springs
200 Open Connor Bradley Alice Springs
200 Open Cortolezzis Rob Renmark
200 Open Faehrmann Trevor Renmark
200 Open Lintern Matthew Blanchetown
200 Open Heinrich Joel Angas
200 Open Manual Brett Loxton
200 Open Manual Kevin Loxton

J Open - 15

J Open Carleton Daniel Great Southern
J Open Caruso Joseph Adelaide
J Open Chalmers Joe Lucindale
J Open Gibb Katherine Morgan
J Open Pickering Wade Jenna
J Open Stott Ashley Morgan
J Open White Alana Blanchetown
J Open Lambe Kyle Blanchetown
J Open Allchin Adam Renmark
J Open Chinnery Glen Busselton
J Open Kervers Jordan Angas
J Open Sharman Jakyb Yorke Peninsula
J Open Szach Keaton Angas
J Open Francis Thomas Port Pirie
J Open Thomson Zac Renmark

Jnr Heavy - 27

Jnr Heavy Brooker Rachel Weipa
Jnr Heavy Atkinson Blake Adelaide
Jnr Heavy Batley James Busselton
Jnr Heavy Baxter Jacob Angas
Jnr Heavy Brown William Morgan
Jnr Heavy Bull Joshua Lucindale
Jnr Heavy Cowling Lachlan Angas
Jnr Heavy Crosbie Brayden Angas
Jnr Heavy Davis Cooper Great Southern
Jnr Heavy Dunn Brayden Yorke Peninsula
Jnr Heavy Furler Rylan Adelaide
Jnr Heavy Hammerstein Ryley Loxton
Jnr Heavy Hyytinen Tristan Weipa
Jnr Heavy HyytinenGabrielle Weipa
Jnr Heavy Kervers Jenna Angas
Jnr Heavy Krause Adrian Jenna
Jnr Heavy Lambe Tylar Blanchetown
Jnr Heavy Morris Ben Adelaide
Jnr Heavy Simms Harley Yorke Peninsula
Jnr Heavy Vidau Max Angas
Jnr Heavy White Brayden Blanchetown
Jnr Heavy Suursaar Oscar Angas
Jnr Heavy Thompson Mitchell Alice Springs
Jnr Heavy Mcdonough Lachlan Tatiara
Jnr Heavy Boyle Jordan Busselton
Jnr Heavy White Karl Alice Springs
Jnr Heavy Hunt Tyson Adelaide

Jnr Light - 38

Jnr Light Batterham Benn Weipa
Jnr Light Callaghan Thomas Busselton
Jnr Light Carleton Matthew Great Southern
Jnr Light Carruthers Chelsea Angas
Jnr Light Carruthers Mikayla Angas
Jnr Light Chalmers Nathan Lucindale
Jnr Light Chapman Jye Great Southern
Jnr Light Crosbie Cailie Angas
Jnr Light Dixon Liam Loxton
Jnr Light Eastley Melissa Adelaide
Jnr Light Furler Cody Adelaide
Jnr Light Greenlees Riley Adelaide
Jnr Light Hann Nicholas Angas
Jnr Light Holmes Chris Alice Springs
Jnr Light Horsburgh Riley Adelaide
Jnr Light Kinnear Cooper Adelaide
Jnr Light Krstic BJ Adelaide
Jnr Light Ludwig Bradley Lucindale
Jnr Light Ludwig Mitchell Lucindale
Jnr Light Maywald Brody Port Pirie
Jnr Light Pfeiler Renee Blanchetown
Jnr Light Pickering Abbey Jenna
Jnr Light Remphrey Seth Blanchetown
Jnr Light Sanders Mitchell Alice Springs
Jnr Light Sanders Ryan Alice Springs
Jnr Light Simms Dylan Yorke Peninsula
Jnr Light Skeer Tom Lucindale
Jnr Light Sloan Zack Adelaide
Jnr Light Watson Joel Dirt Trackers
Jnr Light Watson Patrick Dirt Trackers
Jnr Light Bannear James Loxton
Jnr Light Suursaar Elliot Angas
Jnr light Tony Horton Cody Dirt Trackers
Jnr Light Horton Lachlan Dirt Trackers
Jnr Light Vaughan Bradley Blanchetown
Jnr Light Mcdonough Cameron Tatiara
Jnr Light joannou Zack Renmark
Jnr Light Brad Gartner Lucindale

KT Heavy - 38

KT Heavy Afford Ryan Angas
KT Heavy Aplin Brenton Morgan
KT Heavy Batterham Troy Weipa
KT Heavy Bevan Jared Busselton
KT Heavy Billing Brett Tatiara
KT Heavy Brock Luke Tatiara
KT Heavy Bull Chelsea Lucindale
KT Heavy Butler Barry Tatiara
KT Heavy Buzza Ashly Desert Dirt
KT Heavy Carlier Jacob Blanchetown
KT Heavy Chalmers Bryden Lucindale
KT Heavy Clarke Neville Angas
KT Heavy deBrenni Dennis Alice Springs
KT Heavy Devlin Mitchell Lucindale
KT Heavy Dixon Joel Loxton
KT Heavy Earl Gavin Angas
KT Heavy Falland Keke Loxton
KT Heavy Farrow Brandon Adelaide
KT Heavy Fowler Max Great Southern
KT Heavy Hartman David Renmark
KT Heavy Heinrich Bailey Loxton
KT Heavy Howard Shane Desert Dirt
KT Heavy Hyytinene Justin Weipa
KT Heavy Jeakes Aaron Adelaide
KT Heavy Koch kobi Loxton
KT Heavy McNamara Tim Angas
KT Heavy Nixon Ben Yorke Peninsula
KT Heavy Nottle Renee Tatiara
KT Heavy Pfeiler John Jnr Blanchetown
KT Heavy Rempel Ryan Busselton
KT Heavy Stell Bradley Adelaide
KT Heavy Stephens Brett Blanchetown
KT Heavy Stirling Adam Angas
KT Heavy Tozer Paul Morgan
KT Heavy Kendrick Lochie Angas
KT Heavy Scott Luke Angas
KT Heavy Fridd Darren Blanchetown
KT Heavy Burford Michael Adelaide

KT Light - 33

KT Light Baker Matthew Adelaide
KT Light Black Lucas Lucindale
KT Light Bogucki Emily Angas
KT Light Carleton Daniel Great Southern
KT Light Carruthers David Angas
KT Light Caruso Joseph Adelaide
KT Light Chalmers Joe Lucindale
KT Light Cowland Duran Adelaide
KT Light Francis Thomas Port Pirie
KT Light Gibb Katherine Morgan
KT Light Hammerstein Zachary Loxton
KT Light Hyytinen Jasmine Weipa
KT Light Kervers Jordan Angas
KT Light King Alicia Alice Springs
KT Light Lutze Chantelle Adelaide
KT Light Noakes Matthew Angas
KT Light Pickering Wade Jenna
KT Light Rayner Amy Lucindale
KT Light Rayner Jordan Lucindale
KT Light Sanders Reilly Tatiara
KT Light Seal Jayden Angas
KT Light Simms Angus Yorke Peninsula
KT Light Stott Ashley Morgan
KT Light Turner Nic Lucindale
KT Light Walker Lisa Angas
KT Light Wootton Tom Great Southern
KT Light Lambe Kyle Blanchetown
KT Light Kendrick Jesse Angas
KT Light Sharman Jakyb Yorke Peninsula
KT Light Szach Keaton Angas
KT Light Heinrich Joel Angas
KT Light Manual Brett Loxton
KT Light Olivastri Antonio Morgan

KT Medium - 46

KT Medium Badman Brodie Port Pirie
KT Medium Bevan Jared Busselton
KT Medium Black Lucas Lucindale
KT Medium Blyfield Jordan Angas
KT Medium Brock Luke Tatiara
KT Medium BrownBen Angas
KT Medium Browne Hayden Busselton
KT Medium Bull Chelsea Lucindale
KT Medium Bull Louis Lucindale
KT Medium Burford Mark Adelaide
KT Medium Burns Ryan Alice Springs
KT Medium Caruso Joseph Adelaide
KT Medium Chalmers Aaron Lucindale
KT Medium Cowland Duran Adelaide
KT Medium Cull Joshua Tatiara
KT Medium Dalwood Brad Angas
KT Medium English Thomas Angas
KT Medium Eastley Amanda Adelaide
KT Medium Hammond Brad Angas
KT Medium Haywood Adrian Great Southern
KT Medium Hembling Bradley Loxton
KT Medium Inglis James Great Southern
KT Medium Kervers Jake Angas
KT Medium Lindner Jordan Weipa
KT Medium Maywald Craig Port Pirie
KT Medium Nottle Mel Tatiara
KT Medium Orr Joe Alice Springs
KT Medium Price Courtney Adelaide
KT Medium Rayner Jordan Lucindale
KT Medium Rodda Chad Port Pirie
KT Medium Ryan Josh Renmark
KT Medium Turner Nic Lucindale
KT Medium Wenham Jack Adelaide
KT Medium Wiese Jeff Tatiara
KT Medium Connor Bradley Alice Springs
KT Medium Kendrick Lochie Angas
KT Medium Allchin Adam Renmark
KT Medium Nitschke Ashley Tatiara
KT Medium Johnson Will Tatiara
KT Medium Stott Ashley Morgan
KT Medium Martin Lee Renmark
KT Medium Heinrich Joel Angas
KT Medium Joannou Tyson Renmark
KT Medium Geerts Bradley Morgan
KT Medium Cameron Glover Alice Springs
KT Medium Jury Daniel Renmark

KT Twin - 21

KT Twin Afford Ryan Angas
KT Twin Chalmers Bryden Lucindale
KT Twin Davis Mark Great Southern
KT Twin Farrow Haydyn Adelaide
KT Twin Fowler Trevor Great Southern
KT Twin Haywood Adrian Great Southern
KT Twin Heinrich Barry Morgan
KT Twin Howard Shane Desert Dirt
KT Twin Ingerson Wade Adelaide
KT Twin McNamara Tim Angas
KT Twin Metcalfe Daniel Great Southern
KT Twin Rayner Jordan Lucindale
KT Twin Strother Joshua Tatiara
KT Twin Wagner Darren Lucindale
KT Twin Wenham Jack Adelaide
KT Twin Wenske Daniel Morgan
KT Twin West Ben Weipa
KT Twin Lynch Curtiss Renmark
KT Twin Connor Bradley Alice Springs
KT Twin Martin Lee Renmark
KT Twin Lintern Matthew Blanchetown

Outlaw - 12

Outlaw Alexander Brook Morgan
Outlaw Borlini Sam Great Southern
Outlaw Carlier Gary Blanchetown
Outlaw George Kenneth Adelaide
Outlaw Inglis James Great Southern
Outlaw Inglis Stuart Great Southern
Outlaw Oorschot Terry Great Southern
Outlaw Robinson John Renmark
Outlaw Vaughan Steve Blanchetown
Outlaw Morgan Brett Blanchetown
Outlaw White Anthony Alice Springs
Outlaw Rowland Anthony Loxton

Statesman - 26

Statesman Billing Geoff Tatiara
Statesman Black Robert Lucindale
Statesman Burns Gary Alice Springs
Statesman Chapman Glen Great Southern
Statesman Cull Andrew Tatiara
Statesman Davis Mark Great Southern
Statesman Drewett Graham Adelaide
Statesman Falland Julie Loxton
Statesman Fisher Gary Morgan
Statesman Fowler Trevor Great Southern
Statesman Furler Larry Adelaide
Statesman Hartland Mick Blanchetown
Statesman Heinrich Stephen Loxton
Statesman Hughes Norman Great Southern
Statesman Pfeiler John Blanchetown
Statesman Stirling Adam Angas
Statesman Tozer Paul Morgan
Statesman Wiese Jeff Tatiara
Statesman Connor Tony Alice Springs
Statesman Cortolezzis Rob Renmark
Statesman Nitschke Ashley Tatiara
Statesman Millikin Stuart Yorke Peninsula
Statesman Johnston Steven Adelaide
Statesman Heinrich Bruce Angas
Statesman Thomson Andrew Renmark
Statesman Burford Michael Adelaide


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