Ipswich's Cadet & Rookie Titles

by Geoff Salmon – Sportsvoice 20 August 2014

Ipswich Kart Club
Club Championship Round 6 + Cadets & Rookies Titles 2014

The day started with 193 competitors with spanner men, families and friends arriving at the track for what was expected to be a great day of competition for the two youngest classes – the Cadets and Rookies Titles for 2014. The day held great promise with the weather tending to agree with all expectations, the format for the day; qualifying, one heat of racing followed by a prefinal and finishing up with a final only to count (the laps were increased for this format).

Junior National Light Qualifying
23 competitors looking for the pole position in qualifying moved onto the track precisely on time and at the end of the six minute session the grid was to look as follows: Pole Ryan Suhle (#5) 55.162 seconds; P2 Marc Tulloch (#21) 55.310; P3 Harrison Oddie (#9) 55.322; P4 William Brown (#3) 55.560; P5 Lachlan Hughes (#15) 55.562 seconds, we also had four young ladies in competition against the boys and they qualified very well indeed, P13 Natasha Herne (#29) 56.403; P14 Eryn Osborne (#31) 56.859;P14 Brieann Moyse (#72) 57.331 and P16 Tayla Cullinane (88P) with a time of 57.685, well done girls.

Junior National Light Heat (10 laps)
Ryan Suhle jumped away with confidence and led the entire heat from William Brown, who running in third at the end of lap one moved forward into second place past Harrison Oddie and remained in that position throughout, Marc Tulloch, who finished third threw out a challenge on Brown one lap from the finish, moving into second, Brown regained the position on the following lap, thus Tulloch third with Harrison Oddie staying ahead of Tulloch until lap three before falling back to finish fourth overall, fifth to Lachlan Hughes, who held the position throughout, the four ladies finishing Eryn Osborne in thirteenth,; Natasha Herne  fourteenth and fifteenth going to Brieann Moyse, keeping together for support, unfortunately Tayla Cullinane failing to record a time in the heat. The fastest lap recorded by the winner Ryan Suhle with a time of 55.117 seconds recorded on the final lap.

Junior National Light Prefinal (12 laps)
The first three, Brown, Suhle and Oddie battled throughout the prefinal, before Brown finally took control on lap seven, the second and third positions still not secured by either Suhle or Oddie until lap nine when Oddie moved forward into second and held on until the finish, Suhle finishing in third position, fourth going to Jace Matthews (#8); fifth Damon Ash (#58); the girls finishing Natasha Herne thirteenth, Brieann Moyse fourteenth, Tayla Cullinane in twenty first and this time Eyrn Osborne failing to record a time. The fastest lap recorded by Harrison Oddie with a time of 55.086 seconds recorded in the final lap.

Junior National Light Final (15 laps)
Lap one saw Ryan Suhle leading by .131 seconds over William Brown, third Damon Ash a further .237 seconds back, lap two saw no change in the first three, with Harrison Oddie .235 seconds behind the first three in fourth, fifth Jace Matthews a further .641 seconds back, lap three and Oddie moves into third relegating Damon Ash back to fourth, fifth still Matthews with Samuel Poulsen to sixth, Mark Tulloch seventh, meanwhile Brieann Moyse moves into fourteenth behind Eyrn Osborne thirteenth, Josh Goddard (#25) dropping to sixteenth, lap four first five remain as per the previous lap with  Tulloch now to sixth, Poulsen back to seventh, Natasha Herne now ninth, Tomas Gasperak (#7) into the ten, Tayla Cullinane doing great further back, up into twentieth, lap five sees Mark Tulloch continue his drive towards the front, now fifth past Poulsen, Natasha Herne still ninth with the other ladies holding station in thirteenth and fourteenth (Osborne and Moyse respectively) no change Cullinane either, lap six sees a change at the front Brown how over Suhle by 97 one hundreds at the line, no change third through tenth with Osborne and Moyse up to eleventh and twelfth now, Nathan Gallagher (#51) dropping back into twentieth, Cullinane now sixteenth, lap seven sees Herne drop to tenth with Gasperak up to ninth, Cullinane still holding sixteenth, lap eight of fourteen no change except for Gallagher fighting back into nineteenth, lap nine and Tulloch again moving forward, this time into fourth, Ash back to fifth, no change elsewhere, lap ten, two thirds distance and the racing continues, Poulsen moves into sixth with Ryan Jordan (#27) seventh and Matthews now eighth, Cullinane up into fifteenth, lap eleven no change the first six with Matthews back to seventh Jordan drops to eighth, Skaife Ward (#94P) into sixteenth, Goddard back to seventeenth, lap twelve no change throughout, the gap at the front between Brown and Suhle just 74 one hundreds at the line, lap thirteen still no change the gap out to .133 seconds between the first two, third, Harrison Oddie back  2.642 seconds, lap fourteen and we see William Brown take the win by just 82 one hundreds over Ryan Suhle with Oddie, what seems a distant 2.818 seconds back in third. The fastest lap of the final recorded by Marc Tulloch with a time of 55.064 seconds recorded on the second last lap, the girls holding up well in the final with Natasha Herne, Eryn Osborne and Brieann Moyse finishing tenth, eleventh and twelfth respectively and our first P Platter home in fifteenth Tayla Cullinane (#88P), well done, with nineteen of the twenty three drivers completing the days racing I am sure everyone was pleased with their performances on the day. After the mandatory Post Race Technical Inspection the podium positions stood as follows; first William Brown, second Ryan Suhl and third Mark Tulloch. The Club Championship points table stands as follows after 6 rounds of racing: Ryan Jordan 720 points (6 rounds – 75 bonus points); Samuel Poulsen 648 points (6 rounds – 75 bonus points); Ryan Suhle 579 points (4 rounds – no bonus points); Mark Tulloch 516 points (4 rounds – no bonus points); Damon Ash 492 points ( 5 rounds -  no bonus points).  A total of 30 Ipswich Kart Club Members have participated in this class so far in 2014.

Above: William Brown made it two from two with wins in June and now August

Junior National Heavy.
Just two competitors for the Junior National Heavy class and we were to see Tom Nankavill (#89)l take the win over Layton Butler (#96). A total of 9 Ipswich Kart Club Members have participated in this class so far in 2014.

Tag 125 Light Qualifying
A huge field (29) of the unofficial feature class of racing here at Ipswich took to the track for qualifying and at the end of the six minute session the grid was to look like this; Pole Chris Burley (#8) with a time of 48.929 seconds; P2 Regan Payne (#22) 48.935; P3 Bradly Jenner (#94) 49.025; P4 Ben Stewart (#48) 49.084; P5 Adam Mercer (#41) 49.095; P6 Nicholas Dalton (#9) 49.123; P7 Brock Plumb (#15) 49.170; P8 Kris Walton (#6) 49.191; P9 James Wilkins (#5) 49.199 and P10 Jordan Condor (#34) with a time of 49.215 seconds, with just .286 of a second separating the first ten on the grid we were in for some dynamite action in the heat of racing to come.

Tag 125 Light Heat (10 laps)
Chris Burley (#8) had come up from Lismore with the intention of winning the day and went about it in a very clinical way; he led throughout the heat taking the win from Regan Payne (#22), who was the winner here at Ipswich at the meeting in June by a margin of just .136 of a second, Ben Stewart (#48) 1.617 seconds back in third, Bradley Jenner (#94) finishing fourth a further .219 seconds back a battle raged throughout the heat between Kris Walton (#6) and Nicholas Dalton (#9) with Dalton in front for the first six laps before Walton finally took control in lap seven to secure the fifth position, Dalton running one back in sixth, Cain Fothergill (#20) a visitor down from Bundaberg, making the trip to gain knowledge of the track for the upcoming Rotax Nationals in September, finally getting the better of Dalton Ellery (#42) running out the heat in seventh Ellery finishing in  eighth with the next two home, Troy Morrissey (#10) in ninth and Scott Sorensen (#51) in tenth. The fastest lap recorded by our winner Chris Burley with a time of 49.248 seconds recorded on lap five.

Tag 125 Light Prefinal (12 laps)
Chris Burley again took control of the prefinal right from the first lap with a faultless drive throughout, the margin after the twelve laps being 1.848 seconds over second placed Ben Stewart, with Kris Walton running just .267 seconds back in third, Walton leading Stewart for the first eight laps before taking the pass and going on to secure second, meanwhile Regan Payne had a battle throughout getting the better of Bradley Jenner on lap nine to hold the position until the chequered flag for sixth, meanwhile Nicholas Dalton after negotiating the Esses on lap seven found himself left with only three tyres on his kart and rolled to a stop just short of the notorious Chain Break Corner and took no further part in the racing, Troy Morrissey improving his position from the heat finishing two positions better in seventh, eighth going to Daniel Burley (#46) with Adam Mercer (#41) back in ninth and Brock Plumb (#15) finishing tenth. The fastest lap recorded by Bradley Jenner with a time of 49.285 on lap seven.

Tag 125 Light Final (15 laps)
The final was sure to be a beauty, with the field assembled ready for fifteen laps of hell on wheels we got under way, as mentioned in the prefinal it appeared as though no one had the answer for Chris Burley on the day, the final was to be no different than the earlier racing in the class, Chris Burley drove away to take the easiest of easy wins by a margin of 3.179 seconds, to show all concerned that they had better be here for the next meeting, and in the meantime look to determine what it was they needed to do to get more performance out of their rigs, second place was a seesaw battle between Ben Stewart and Bradley Jenner, Stewart holding second through until lap six when Jenner passed and took off after the leader, the gap 1.587 seconds with only half the race distance left to make up the deficit, a number of notable retirements early in the racing saw Kris Walton and Regan Payne coming together at the start, neither driver recording a time in the final (it is my understanding that Kris Walton finished with a broken hand) other notables failing to finish, Troy Morrissey taking no further part after completing ten of the required fifteen laps, also Scott Sorensen after just two laps, Chris Williams a similar number, as with Nick Dalton, Richard Peasey and Brock Plumb completing just one lap, an eventful final to say the least, after post-race Technical Inspection the podium finished with Chris Burley on the top step, (Chris has been promising to put this kind of performance together, remember he ran second to Kris Walton at the C.I.K. Stars of Karting on the 28th March in a field of 43)  next came Bradley Jenner and third going to Ben Stewart. Incidentally the fastest lap in the final was recorded by no surprise Chris Burley with a time of 49.190 seconds recorded on lap seven, the first thirteen drivers recording times under fifty seconds, with just sixteen drivers making it to the chequered flag, the final had the biggest D.N.F. result in the whole days racing. After points were distributed the Club Championship for Tag 125 Light, stands as follows; 1st Adam Mercer 831 points (6 rounds- 75 bonus points); 2nd Nicholas Dalton 705 points (6 rounds - the only driver who has qualified for the Championship in this class – 150 bonus points) 3rd Tyler Greenbury 699 (5 rounds - no bonus points);; 4th Regan Payne 525 points (6 rounds - no bonus points) and fifth Martin Swindells 468 points (6 rounds - no bonus points). This is interesting considering the requirements of eligibility for the Club Championship requires drivers or representatives to serve a duty or a working bee in both the first and second half’s of the year. A total of 55 Ipswich Kart Club Members have participated in this class so far in 2014.

Above: Project X Racing's Will Yarwood (left), sponsor for the Cadets and Rookies Titles
Centre: Lee Holdsworth (Erebus Racing), with Cadets and Rookies

Cadets Qualifying
The first of our Title events for the day and 24 drivers paraded onto the track to set their fastest times over the 6 minute journey, the grid was to look as follows; Pole Oscar Comley (#80) 58.058 seconds; P2 Jai Brown (#9) 58.430; P3 Ty Spencer (#45) 58.738; P4 Marcos Flack (#11) 58.878; P5 Declan Matthews (#8) 58.897; P6 Brady Mitchell (#32) 58.995; P7 Kai Walker (#35) 58.982; P8 Jack Westbury (#29) 59.042; P9 Thomas Cooper (#55) 59.080 and P10 Chris Christensen (#59.280 seconds, with just 1.222 seconds separating the top ten we were in for some exciting racing with the Cadets.

Cadets Heat (12 laps)
The heat got under way and Oscar Comley jumped well clear and lead throughout the heat winning with a margin of 2.046 seconds back to second place Jai Brown, who, was trailing Ty Spencer by a narrow margin at the completion of the first lap before making the pass and taking control of the position for the remainder of the heat, Declan Matthews finished in third a further 6.777 seconds back, Kai Walker in third, the gap 3.868 seconds, fourth going to Thomas Cooper and fifth Marcos Flack, the fastest lap was recorded by Oscar Comley with a time of 58.211 seconds on the second lap of the heat.

Cadets Prefinal (14 laps)
It took Oscar Comley until lap five before reeling in Jai Brown and then to go on to a convincing win, the margin back to second place Declan Matthews 1.922 seconds, third going to Thomas Cooper, who inherited the position with the demise of Jai Brown on the eighth lap, who, coming out of the Esses went straight ahead and nose-dived into the wood chips protecting the number three flag point, Jai was shaken but unhurt, his kart was another matter, lap nine saw the first five as Comley, Matthews, Cooper, Flack and Spencer, lap thirteen saw the next change in the five with Cooper up into second Flack taking advantage, following behind now up to third with Matthews back to fourth, Spencer holding onto fifth, the final lap and we watched as Comley took the win from Matthews in second, third going to Ty Spencer, fourth Thomas Cooper and up into fifth Jacinta Hoey. The fastest lap was recorded by Marcus Flack who was credited with the win, the time 58.600 recorded on lap eleven.

Cadets Final (16 laps)
The final was indeed going to be intense, Oscar Comley bolted away and lead throughout, not so the positioning for the next four placing’s, Thomas Cooper led early followed by Marcus Flack, who took over the number two position on lap three, holding this position against all comers until lap eight before being relegated back to third by Thomas Cooper who, was battling with Ty Spencer throughout the early few laps, Cooper back as far as fifth on lap three before moving into fourth past Jett Johnson on lap four, then into second, Marcos Flack dropping to third through laps eight and nine before a resurgence saw him back into second on lap ten, only for one lap before being passed again by Cooper,  lap twelve and Flack retakes the second position, on lap thirteen Ty Spencer puts his attack on the leaders into place by passing  Cooper for position three, lap fourteen sees Chris Christensen move into fifth with Kai Walker back to sixth, Thomas Cooper still fourth with Oscar Comley, the margin having blown out to 5.878 seconds well clear holding point, second Marcos Flack and third Ty Spencer, the penultimate lap sees no change in the first three, but Kai Walker not rolling over and moves past Christensen for fifth, a huge changing of the guard happening on the final lap with Flack fading back to ninth, Luke Pink up into fourth, Declan Matthews now fifth, these positions only provisional until Post Race Technical Inspection took place and Oscar Comley was found to have failed this Inspection, the reconstructed podium was to look like this; first Thomas Cooper, second Ty Spencer, third Luke Pink, fourth Declan Matthews, fifth Chris Christensen and the first P Platter home Jay Coombs, the racing was very entertaining and my congratulations to all the winners in this Cadets class, OH and incidentally the fastest lap recorded in the final going to Thomas Cooper with a time of 58.604 on lap six. The revised Club Championship ladder after the completion of six rounds of racing is; Jai Brown 759 points (6 rounds - no bonus points), Thomas Cooper 681points (6 rounds – no bonus points), Austin Wells 510 points (4 rounds – no bonus points), Jac Preston 435points (4 rounds – no bonus points) tied with Jack Westbury 435 points (6 rounds – no bonus points). A total of 34 Ipswich Kart Club Members have participated in this class so far in 2014.

Tag 125 Restricted Light Qualifying.
Twenty four drivers moved out onto the track for the six minute session and at the end of time the grid looked like this; Pole Alex Ransom (#24) 51.171 seconds; P2 Dean Weigman (#76) 51.255; P3 Alex Houston (#47) 51.307; P4 Trent Cossor (#50) 51.307; P5 Ryan Mussell (#46) 51.538 seconds, with just .367 of a second separating the top five we were in for some explosive racing.

Tag 125 Restricted Light Heat (10 laps)
Dean Weigman jumped away from the front row of the grid and led throughout, the margin at the completion of the heat .947 of a second over Alex Houston with a further 1.232 seconds back to third place Trent Cossor, fourth going to Chris Orders (#13) the gap third back to fourth just 85 one hundreds of a second, fifth Matthew Weatherley (#64) a further 2.473 seconds back, Ryan Mussell making up the top six. The fastest time was recorded by Alex Houston with a time of 51.264 recorded on the seventh lap.

Tag 125 Restricted Light Prefinal (12 laps)
Dean Weigman jumped away again as he had done in the heat and with movement towards the rear of the grid between Sadler (#6P) and Kennedy (#69P) on lap two, and further action on lap three with the P Platters having a great time at the rear of the field, Cameron Hargrave (#33P) and Graham Kennedy dropping back to twenty first and twenty second respectively and David Gordan (#31P) moving up into position twenty it was not until lap five when Greg Gallagher (#92) dropped back two places into tenth that we saw any action towards the front of the field, both Houston and Orders taking full advantage of this, moving to eighth and ninth respectively, meanwhile Weigman continued to control the prefinal with some outstanding driving, lap eight saw Alex Ransom forward into fourth, Weatherley back to fifth, still a battle royal between Weigman and Cossor for the top spot, just .167 of a second separating these two for the lead, lap nine sees more action with Alex Houston (#47) back to eighth and Tim Ovens (#43) dropping back to ninth, both  Daniel Meek and Chris Orders taking the advantage to move through into sixth and seventh respectively, lap ten and Ransom makes a move past Ryan Mussell up into third, still Weigman and Cossor at the front, it is not until the final lap that Trent Cossor makes his move on Dean Weigman to win the prefinal with a margin of .231 of a second on conclusion of an inspiring performance by the top six drivers. All six positions determined on the last lap of racing, the fastest lap was recorded by Chris Orders finishing in sixth with a time of 51.255 seconds on lap eleven of the designated twelve laps of racing.

Tag 125 Restricted Light Final (15 laps)
The top four drivers had a ding dong battle for supremacy throughout the final, Trent Cossor led the first seven laps before being relegated back to second by Dean Weigman on lap eight, with Ransom and Weigman fighting over second and third throughout the first seven laps, the battle was then transferred to Ransom and Cossor with the final outcome not decided until lap eleven of sixteen before Alex Ransom finally made the move to secure the second position with Trent Cossor still gathering valuable points towards the Club Championship with a solid third, Daniel Meek fifth on the first lap working overtime to better Matthew Weatherley to finish fourth, Weatherley fifth with another good drive from Chris Orders to finish sixth, the fastest lap was recorded by Alex Ransom with a super lap of 51.182  recorded in the second last lap of the final. After P.R.T.I. the podium was shared by the following three drivers; 1st Dean Weigman; 2nd Alex Ransom and 3rd Trent Cossor. The Club Championship table for Tag 125 Restricted Light stands as follows for the first five so far; Daniel Meek 840 points ( 6 rounds – and the only driver fully qualified for the Championship so far); Chris Orders 702 points ( 6 rounds – no bonus points); Trent Cossor 639 points (6 rounds – no bonus points); Dean Weigman 615 points (6 rounds – no bonus points) and Ryan O’Sullivan 537 points ( 5 rounds – no bonus points); only six other drivers have the chance to qualify for the Championship, if they complete the second Duty or Working Bee Duty for 2014. A total of 54 Ipswich Kart Club Members have participated in this class so far in 2014.

Junior Max Qualifying.
A field of nineteen drivers moved onto the track for the six minute session, the numbers in this class the same as we had in June, after the elapsed time the grid for the heat of racing looked as follows; Pole Harrison Hoey (#97) 49.523 seconds; P2 Zak Hudson (#18 ) 49.577; P3 William Brown (#99) 49.629; P4 Zane Goddard (#93) 49.638 and P5 Jai Buckley (#44) 49.734 seconds, with a margin of just .211 of a second between the top five runners we were in for some awesome racing in this class.

Junior Max Heat (10 laps)
Harrison Hoey led away and held the point for the first two laps before being passed by Zane Goddard, third early was Brock Lannoy (#66), William Brown up into fourth by lap three, next in the field Zak Hudson fifth and sixth was James Litzow (#58), Brown got the best of Lannoy on lap seven and went on to win the heat, the margin between first and second .279 of a second with Zane Goddard running third a further 1.194 seconds back, fourth Harrison Hoey and fifth James Litzow. The fastest lap was recorded by Joshua Davey (#83) who ran seventh with a time of 49.685 seconds on the last lap.

Junior Max Prefinal (12 laps) 
William Brown made no bones about who would win the prefinal he led from start to finish, the margin over second at the end being just .439 of a second, lap two saw some action towards the rear of the field with Litzow moving into fifteen and Marc Tulloch (#88) back one to sixteenth, also Jaxon Reihana (#57) dropping to eighteenth with Zak Hudson (#18) one place better, lap three Goddard to second Lannoy back into third, further back Jamie Gillan (#19) into seventh with Max Adams (#7) now eighth, lap four and more movement at the front, Jai Buckley (#44) into fourth with Harrison Hoey (#97) dropping back into fifth, further back James Litzow and Eryn Osborne (#31) exchanging positions, Litzow to fourteenth with the young lady from Lismore back into fifteenth, Josh Davey (#83)  and Zak Hudson scraping over seventeenth and eighteenth, lap six and we witness the move forward by Thomas Steele (#10) followed by both Litzow and Osborne with Jackson Gray (#9) dropping two places, Thomas Steele continues his march towards the pointy end of the pack with a move up into eleventh on lap seven, changes further back with Josh Davey up to sixteenth and Marc Tulloch dropping back one , lap eight sees young Steele into the top ten, with Sebastian Blindell (#36) now eleventh, at the back of the pack Davey,  Hudson and Reihana get the free pass when Gray and Tulloch both take no further part, lap nine Litzow to twelfth, Jye Hopkins (#6) now thirteenth,  Josh Davey past Eyrn Osborne for fourteenth, lap ten and Litzow just one short of the top ten, Josh Davey forward as well, the field seems settled on the eleventh lap and the final lap sees Brown victorious from Goddard then Lannoy with Buckley next from Hoey, the fastest lap was recorded by our winner William Brown with a time of 49.538 set on lap eleven of twelve.

Junior Max Final (15 laps)
William Brown was taking no enemies in the final and went on to record a victory by a margin of 3.917 seconds over second place Brock Lannoy, third going to Harrison Hoey from in fourth Jack Smith (#43), fifth to Max Adams, the fastest lap was recorded by our winner William Brown with a time of 49.334 seconds on lap thirteen. After P.R.T.I. there were no surprises and the podium was as follows; 1st: William Brown; 2nd: Brock Lannoy; 3rd: Harrison Hoey, the updated Club Championship points stand as follows: Brock Lannoy 939 points (6 rounds – 150 Bonus points); Joshua Davey 783 points (6 rounds – 75 bonus points); Ben Wilcox (4 rounds – no bonus points); Jack Smith (4 rounds – no bonus points). A total of 23 Ipswich Kart Club Members have participated in this class so far in 2014.

Rookies – Qualifying
Our second feature class Rookies fielded fifteen drivers all looking to put their best time in over the 6 minute session, and at the completion of the allotted time the grid for the heat looked as follows: Pole Joel Jamieson (#21) 56.617 seconds; P2 Gabriel Gasperak (#14) 56.730; P3 Jac Preston (#43) 56.883; P4 Kade Vink (#22) 56.891; P5 Nathan Herne (#29) 56.969 seconds, with just .352 of a second separating the first five drivers the Rookies were set to provide some entertaining racing.

Rookies Heat (12 laps)
Gabriel Gasperak and Nathan Herne threw the lead around throughout the heat with Gasperak third on lap one moving into contention on lap four up past joel Jamieson (#21), lap five and we saw the first five as they would finish the heat eventually, but before this could be resolved a number of changes were to take place at the pointy end of the field, Gasperak passes Herne to take a .256 second lead going into lap six, further back Dale Zimmerman (#74) passes Trystin Martin (#85) up into ninth, lap seven, Harrison Stock (#20) moves to seventh, Flynn Jackes (#66) now eighth,  Martin reverses the position on Zimmerman and these two are now back in ninth and tenth, further back Ethan Gray (#76) moves to thirteenth, Jarad Boys (#64P) now fourteenth, lap eight and Herne snatches back the lead , the gap .223 of a second, Joel Jamieson keeping the two at the front honest, the gap back to third just .140 seconds, big gap back to the next position Jac Preston now 1.330 seconds behind these first three in fourth, Benjamin Diessler (#78) a further 1.257 seconds back in fifth, lap nine Gasperak fights back and passes Herne for a lead of 61 one hundreds at the completion of the lap, no changes elsewhere, Herne is not finished yet and at the end of lap ten the lead Herne over Gasperak is still just 89 one hundreds of a second, Jackes takes the position lost to Stock on lap seven and these two now seventh and eighth respectively, Holly Espray ( #77) the only young lady in the field moves forward into the top ten, lap eleven sees Holly Espray takes another spot forward this time past  Dale Zimmerman, Espray now ninth, and that’s the way they finished, with Nathan Herne taking the win over Gabriel Gasperak with Joel Jamieson third, fourth going to Jac Preston (first run in Rookies) and fifth Benjamin Diessler, Broc Feeney recording a D.N.F. completing just two laps in the heat. The fastest lap was recorded by Nathan Herne with a time of 560276 seconds recorded on lap six.

Rookies Prefinal (14 laps)
There were three drivers who made the prefinal a very worthwhile race for the spectators lining the fences and the best viewing positions, Nathan Herne, Joel Jamieson and Gabriel Gasperak were a class above the rest with an outstanding display of driving, the first three positions continued to change throughout and it was not until the final lap that the positions were decided, Gasperak passing Herne for the lead on the last lap, Gasperak appeared out of contention for the win and was 2.556 seconds behind in third, but on lap eight closed the gap by .949 of a second to put himself in to the mix, and Joel Jamieson, who lead the race for seven of the fourteen laps  finishing  third, Broc Feeney a distant .798 seconds away in fourth,  the fastest lap was recorded by you guessed it, Gabriel Gasperak a time of 56.295 on lap seven.

Rookies Final (16 Laps)
The word in the pits was “who will win the final” no one really knew, as the drivers came out onto the track for the 16 laps of final only counts racing for the 2014 Rookies Titles, Joel Jamieson led the first ten laps (why not? he led 7 of the 14  prefinal laps, didn’t he?), before Gabriel Gasperak got the better of Jamison after trailing by over two seconds earlier in the final, young Jamieson did not throw in the towel and the final few laps he keep Gasperak to a narrow margin win by just .174 of a second, third a distant 4.352 seconds back came Broc Feeney, next home Nathan Herne keeping Broc Feeney honest by finishing just .184 of a second back in fourth, fifth going to Jac Preston (who must be very pleased with his first run in Rookies), the fastest lap was recorded by Nathan Herne, who finished fourth with a time of 56.213 seconds on lap nine. The Club Championship points after the sixth round of racing for 2014 stands as follows: Benjamin Deissler 834 points (6 rounds – 75 bonus points); Gabriel Gasperak 636 points (6 rounds – no bonus points); Harrison Stock 546 points (6 rounds – 75 bonus points); Lachlan Hughes 438 points (3 rounds – no bonus points) and Kade Vink 432 points (5 rounds – no bonus points). 25 Ipswich Kart Club Membership have races in the Rookies class so far this year.

Tag 125 Restricted Heavy Qualifying.
A great field of 25 drivers moved out of the out grid and onto the track to the six minute qualifying session and at the completion of the time the grid looked as follows; Pole Stephen Wilkinson (#6) (whom I meet for the first time at the working bee on the 9th August) with a time of 52.250 seconds; P2 Brett Minett (#2) 52.325; P3 Perry Evans (#51) 52.366; P4 Mark Keilar (#73) 52.443 and P5 Chris (the Kiwi) Were (#47) with a 52.627 second lap, with just .184 of a second separating the first five on the grid the excellent racing witnessed already would be guaranteed to continue.

Tag 125 Restricted Heavy Heat (10 laps)
Brett Minett and Perry Evans fought early for supremacy in the heat, Evans leading the first two laps before Minett passed and took control of the heat, Chris Were, fifth on lap one moved forward past Tim Wagner on lap two before establishing a solid third throughout, Wagner finishing in fourth, with fifth going to Mark Keilar, Ben Rodgers a solid sixth with Rick Franzolini likewise in seventh, Paul Buchanan running home in eighth, ninth to Paul Nunn with a last lap pass on John-Claude Vermaak, the fastest lap was recorded by Chris Were with a time of 52.413 seconds recorded on the fifth lap.

Tag 125 Restricted Heavy Prefinal (12 laps)
Perry Evans got away well and led throughout the twelve laps of the prefinal, second going to Chris Were after a struggle with Tim Wagner mid race, third Tim Wagner with an untroubled run by Mark Keilar to run home in fourth, fifth going to Ben Rodgers and sixth Stephen Wilkinson, the fastest lap was recorded by Brett Minett with a time of 52.394 seconds recorded on the tenth lap.

Tag 125 Restricted Heavy Final (15 laps)
Perry Evans is back to his very best with an empathetic win by a margin of 1.133 seconds over Brett Minett second and Chris Were, who early on had a great tussle with Tim Wagner, Chris Were maintaining second through until four laps from the end when being passed by Brett Minett and having to settle for third, Wagner holding off a great challenge by Minett and finally succumbing  to both Were and Minett  on lap eleven to finish fourth, Mark Keilar an untroubled run in fifth with Stephen Wilkinson and Ben Rodgers jousting for the next position until Wilkinson secured the position on lap eight, Rodgers finishing seventh, James Christensen a good drive, from fifteenth on lap one to finish eighth, ninth to Paul Nunn and tenth spot filled by Rick Franzolini, the fastest lap recorded by Brett Minett with a time of  52.171 seconds recorded on lap nine. The Club Championship points after the completion of the sixth round of racing stand as follows; Chris Were 732 points (6 rounds – no bonus points); Mark Keilar 723 points (6 rounds – no bonus points); Tony Knight 690 points (5 rounds – no bonus points) Tony has moved up to the main game now racing in Tag Heavy; Paul Buchanan 516 points (6 rounds – no bonus points); Perry Evans 477 points (4 rounds – no bonus points). Total of 49 Ipswich Kart Club drivers  have competed in this class in 2014 so far.

Tag 125 Heavy Qualifying
The second of the unofficial premier classes here at Ipswich and we were not disappointed with the turnout  seventeen driver vying for the Pole position over a short six minute session, at the end the grid for the heat stood as follows; Pole Brendan Nelson (#2) 50.289 seconds; P2 Jarad Neinert (#18) 50.371; P3 Ryan O’Sullivan (#31) 50.374 seconds ( first run in the main game class); P4 Sam Houston (#50.574; P5 Daniel Creed (#9) 50.638 seconds, with just .349 seconds separating the first five drivers the standard of racing continued.

Tag 125 Heavy Heat.
Brendan Nelson (back in his comfort zone after a drive in the Light class last month) drove with supreme confidence to take the heat with a margin of 1.663 seconds from second place Jarad Neinert, third place filled by Sam Houston, the fastest lap recorded by the winner Brendan Nelson with a time of 50.362 seconds recorded on lap four. The first eight drivers recorded laps less than fifty one seconds.

Tag 125 Heavy Prefinal.
Jarad Neinert recorded the win in the prefinal, but not before a red flag stoppage on the last lap involving Brendan Nelson and Jarad Neinert, coming out off behind the number two light tower and through the sweeper onto the straight headed towards Blondie Haulage a back marker, who had cleared the corner was caught by both the front runners, Neinert took evasive action to pass the back marker on the inside  at the same time as Brendan Nelson moved to pass Neinert on the same side, next we saw Nelson up on two wheels for approx. three kart lengths before flipping completely over and coming to a standstill in the middle of the track, Brendan threw the kart off himself and climbed up to his feet, an unfortunate incident and fortunately it appeared as though Brendan was only shaken by the affair, it certainly took the interest in the race up another notch, the race was called and as I said earlier Jarad Neinert was recorded as the winner with Daniel Creed taking advantage of the roll-over to claim second, third going to Sam Houston and fourth Tom Pomroy, fifth place to Ryan O’Sullivan, the fastest lap recorded by Brendan Nelson with a time of 50.591 seconds recorded on lap seven. We had three D.N.F. finishers recorded Nathan Thomas on lap ten, Pat Mather on lap nine and of course Brendan Nelson on the final lap.

Tag 125 Heavy Final.
The final got under way with four drivers failing to come out onto the track, it still left us with a field of starters that well deserved the attention of a keen spectator crowd, Jarad Neinert took the lead right from the get-go and was not headed throughout, took the win by a margin of 1.329 seconds over Ryan O’Sullivan ( I did mention that Ryan was having his first start in the main game) great performance from this young man, and third to Daniel Creed ( who has seen himself on the podium no less than five times this year), fourth on the day going to Tom Pomroy and fifth position being filled by Sam Houston, the fastest lap recorded by Ryan O’Sullivan with a lap time of 50.360 on lap thirteen. The Club Championship table after the completion of six rounds stands as follows: Daniel Creed 834 points (6 rounds – 75 bonus points); Pat Mather 735 points (6 rounds – 75 bonus points); Jarad Neinert 723 points (6 rounds – 75 bonus points); Clem O’Mara 591 points (5rounds – no bonus points); Steve Vidler 528 points (6 rounds – 75 bonus points). 35 Ipswich Kart Club Members have taken part in this class so far in 2014.

DD2 Qualifying
Again we had DD2 and DD2 Masters present, the fourth race meeting of the year for them and our thanks goes to Peter Mitchell and Scott Howard ( I apologise if I have missed anyone out) for chasing up these drivers and getting the required numbers to enable them to race, after the required 6 minutes of qualifying the grid looked like this: Pole Jordan Boys DD2 (#22) 48.254 seconds; P2 Lane Moore (#20) 48.503; P3 Kel Treseder (#75) 48.648; P4 Travis Miller (#93) 48.648; P5 Damian Ward (#7) 48.655; P6 Lucas Ward (#3) 48.823; P7 Tristan Ellery (#14) 48.919; Pole DD2 Masters Klinton Hancey (#21) 48.613; P2 Scott Howard (#39) 48.659; P3 Peter Virgulti (#28) 49.505; P4 Bradley Dawson (#48) 49.709; P5 Brendan Hart (#69NZ) 50.197; P6 Jeremy Murphy (#10) 50.948; P7 Peter Mitchell (#32) 51.625 and P8 Steven Ellery (#99) with a time of 52.857 seconds. The format for the DD2 and DD2 Masters slightly different to the rest of the classes on the day, a ten lap heat followed by a prefinal over fifteen laps and the final only counts over twenty laps.

DD2 and DD2 Masters Heat (10 laps)
Jordan Boys jumped away clear and led from start to finish the margin back to Lane Moore in second .736 of a second, third a further 2.497 seconds back came Kel Treseder, the first of the DD2 Masters was Klinton Hancey just 77 one hundreds behind Treseder, second in the Masters class came Scott Howard and third going to Peter Virgulti, the fastest lap for the DD2 class went to the overall winner Jordan Boys with a time of 48.592 seconds on lap nine; the fastest time recorded by a DD2 Master class driver going to Klinton Hancey with a time of 48.981 second this time recorded on lap five, Hancey the only DD2 Masters driver under forty nine seconds, Steven and Tristan Ellery failing to finish the heat.

DD2 and DD2 Masters Prefinal (15 laps) 
Jordan Boys continued his form with a win in the prefinal, the margin 2.439 seconds over second placed Lane Moore, third outright going to a DD2 Masters driver Klinton Hancey (Hancey taking the win in the DD2 Masters class); next home and third in DD2 going to Lucas Ward, second place for the Master class being recorded by Bradley Dawson (seventh overall) third in the Master class Peter Virgulti (eighth overall and  a further 2.408 seconds back); three non – finishers; Peter Mitchell retiring on lap thirteen, Steve Ellery on lap eleven and Scott Howard completing only one lap, the fastest lap in the prefinal for DD2 going to Jordan Boys again, the time recorded 48.599 on lap fourteen, the fastest time recorded for the Master class going to Klinton Hancey with a time of 48.739 seconds on lap thirteen.

DSD2 and DD2 Masters Final (20 laps)
It was the last of the day and looked to be something well worth waiting for, Klinton Hancey drove magnificently was pacing behind Jordan Boys for the first two laps before jumping into the lead, Hancey did a great job lapping at the same pace as the DD2’s throughout the final and its wasn’t until the fourteen lap of twenty that Boys passed and took over the lead, meanwhile Kel Treseder had their own battle determining who would pick up the third place position and throughout the final these two exchanged positions, the first seven laps saw four changes of position with Treseder even up into second on the fifth lap, but only for two laps before he dropped back to continue the battle that he was so obviously enjoying with Travis Miller, the two brothers Lucas and Damian Ward also testing each other out over the course of the final with Damian finishing to the better of Lucas ( well, Damian is the older brother,so) Jeremy Murphy took no further part on lap eleven and Lane Moore completed just five laps, Brendan Hart our New Zealand visitor lasted sixteen laps, Steve Ellery completing just one lap, son Tristan out before the completion of the first lap and Peter Mitchell did not record a time in the final. At the end of the twenty laps the placing’s stood as follows: DD2 1st: Jordan Boys; 2nd:  Kel Treseder; 3rd: Travis Miller, the DD2 Masters was won by Klinton Hancey (who finished second overall) 2nd place going Scott Howard (finished seventh overall) and third to Peter Virgulti (finishes eighth overall). The fastest time set by a DD2 driver went to Jordan Boys with a time of 24.288 on lap nineteen of twenty, the fastest time recorded by a DD2 Master going to Klinton Hancey (finishing second overall) with a time of 48.559 on lap eighteen of twenty.

The whole day was a great success with all classes showing grit and determination, next meeting 27nd September and we will see the battle continue, this time in particular with the Tag 125 Restricted Light and Heavy Titles sponsored by Pacific Kart Sports, an event that brings together the very best in both classes, I have my favourites, I am sure you have yours, until then take care and drive safely.


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